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Words to know

Chapter 3 and 4 social studies vocab

What are cash crops? Crops such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton, raised in large quantities in order to be sold for profit.
What is an assembly? An elected group of lawmakers.
What does democratic mean? Ruled by the people. In a democracy, citizens elect representatives to make and carry out the laws.
Who are Puritans? People who wanted to "purify" the English church. Puritans wanted to simplify the Church's ceremonies and it's ranks of authority.
What is slave trade? The business of capturing, transporting, and selling people as slaves.
What are rights? Powers or privileges that belong to people as citizens and that cannot or should not be taken away by the government.
What is the Parliament? The lawmaking body of England, consisting of representatives from throughout the kingdom.
What does it mean to petition? To make a formal demand or request.
What is a class? A part of society defined by such qualities as wealth, occupation, and inherited titles or honors. A society may have an upper class, a middle class, and a lower class.
What is the First Great Awakening? A revival of religious feeling and belief in the American colonies that began in the 1730's.
What colonies were in the New England Region? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.
What colonies were in the Middle region? Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.
What colonies were in the Southern region? Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.
Who founded Massachusetts? William Bradford [1620] John Winthrop [1630]
What colony did Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson settle in? Rhode Island
Who found Connecticut? Thomas Hooker
Who found New York? Dutch West India Company [1624] James, Duke of York [1664]
Who are separists? People who wanted to separate the English church from their own religion.
What is the difference between Separists and Puritans? Separists are a branch off of the Puritans.
Who are pilgrims? People who travel for religious reasons?
True or false Did girls get a better education? False
What two documents showed that the colonists wanted to rule themselves? The Mayflower compact and the fundamental orders
Who created most laws of the colonists? Elected Assembly
Why was the English bill of rights important to the colonists? It listed rights that belonged to the people
What document was created in 1215 made even the king of England follow the law? The magna Carta or "Great Charter"
Define Catholics. Wanted to start a colony for religious freedom in the southern colonies.
Define Quakers. Were looking for somewhere to practice their religion and settle in the middle colonies.
In what colony did separatists want to break away from the church of England? Massachusets
In what colony did colonists demand the right to elect an assembly to make its own laws? New York
Which colony held the largest slave trading centers in the world? Rhode Island
In which colony did the fundamental orders gave the right to this colony than others? Connecticut
What is another name for Rhode island? Rogues Island
Created by: katelynlohse