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World History

Chapter 6 Vocabulary

Republic government chosen ‘by people.’
Patrician upper class landowners.
Consul patrician chosen as leader for one year.
Dictator ruler with absolute power for 6 months.
Plebeian lower class workers.
Tribune plebeian-elected official
veto to block approval.
legion basic military unit of 5000 men.
imperialism establishing control over foreign lands.
Province land under Roman rule.
latifunda huge estate
census population count
Satirize to ridicule
Mosaic picture formed with chipped stone.
engineering application of math and science.
aqueduct structure carry water.
messiah an anointed king
apostle a follower
martyr a suffer for faith
patriarch bishop in eastern empire.
pope bishop of rome
heresy a contrary belief
inflation rapid rise in prices
mercenary foreign soldier hired for pay.
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