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First Americans

review cards for first americans

1.5 How did the northwest coast adapt to their environment and what kind of tools did they use for this? They made ivory needles, long rope, seal harpoon,bone drills, stone knifes,spears, baskets, to hunt/trap clams, shellfish, seal , moose, elk, beaver.
1.5 What type of environment did they live in and how did they survive it? They lived in thick forest and rugged mountains ;they built log homes with soft inner bark.
1.6 How did the main geographic features of California affect the food source? California had coast which made getting fish and shellfish easier,they also had coastal foothills,deserts mountains, and valleys which allowed for deer hunting, roots, berries, pine nuts and acorn picking easier.
1.6 How did Californians survive their environment using what they had around? They survived in many ways such as: building round houses with thick reed mats, they made skirts with grass or leather strips/use hide for warmth, antlers to scrape bark, cooking and storage baskets, sifters ,and fish trap.
1.7 What type of homes and food did the environment allow in the Great Basin? The environment in the great basin was tall mountains and low grasses.The need of plants only allowed for temporary shelters made of willow poles.In the low grass you could find snakes, grass hoppers,and jack rabbits.There also are pine nuts and plants.
1.7 What attire did they have and what tools did they use? In the Great Basin the war rabbit skin robes and used floating decoys,baskets and beaters
1.8 Why did the Plateau environment make life so easy? There was mostly mountains forest and rivers which allowed for fishing and ,deer and antelope hunting. The forest also provided logs for log homes in pits.
1.8 How did the people of Plateau get through their living conditions? They made clothing out of hides and wove baskets and hats. They also used digging sticks for their houses, spears ans nets for hunting.
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