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ace a botched serve after which the opponent is awarded a point
antenna vertical rods mounted above the sidelines and close to the edges of the courts
approach moving quickly toward the net or ball in attempt to make a play
assist helping a teammate set up a kill
attack block a receivers attempt to block a spiked ball
attack error an attack botched in one of five ways: it lands out of bounds, the ball goes into the net, the opponent blocks the ball, the attacker commits a center violation, or the attacker illegally contacts the ball
attack line also called the 10 foot line, divides front and back row
attack offensive act of hitting the volleyball
attacker hitter or spiker
back court space from end line to attack line
back row attack a back row player attacks the ball
back set a set delivered from behind the setter
beach dig deep dish method of receiving the ball open handed
block assist two or more teammates help block a spiked ball
block a defense play by teammates intended to keep the spiked ball on the offenses court
bump/pass to pass the ball using locked forearms
campfire defense two or more players surround a ball that lands on the floor
carry a botched pass involving prolonged contact with the ball
centerline violation crossing the centerline
centerline the floor line running the length of the net that divides the court in half
chester a hit to the chest
closing the block teammates close space between block
coach kill the opponent fouls immediately after the coach calls a time out or a substitution
cover the hitter attacking players surround a spiker to protect opponent rebounds
cross court shot an attack delivered at an angle across the court from one side of the net to the other
cut shot a spike delivered a sharp angle across the net
decoy an offensive play set up to disguise the receiving spiker
deep dish receive ball open handed
deep set a set hit away from the net in an effort to throw off blockers
dig diving deep to pass a spiked or fast-moving ball close to the floor
dink a one-handed move gently around blockers using the fingertips
double block two players working in tandem to deflect ball coming over net
double hit two or more hits in a row by the same player
double quick two hitters quickly approach the setter
doubles most commonly played on sand, a game involving two players per team
down ball a defense call on a ball hit overhand so far from the net that the defense chose not to block it
dump a soft hit near the net, as opposed to a spike, intended to throw off the offense
facial six-pack, blocker gets hit in the head or face by spiker
fish a player who gets hung up in the net
five-one a six player team that involves 5 hitters and 1 setter
five-set also called "red-set" the back row sets a play to the right front player
flare a strategic move from the inside out designed to fake the opponent. A teammate runs a deceptive play, then the attacker quickly moves from the inside to attack on the outside
floater a served ball with no spin
forearm pass or simply pass, play made with locked forearms
foul rule violation
four set also called "shoot set" a set one foot from the sideline and one to two feet from above the net for the outside hitter
four two six player team using 4 hitters and 2 setters
free ball a ball returned on a pass and not on a spike
free zone area outside the boundaries of the court
friendly fire a light blow to the head with a serve
front slide sliding into the position in front of the setter
front the front net position to block the attacker
heat a very hard spike
held ball a ball resting in a players hands or arms resulting in a foul
hit a jump strike of a ball with the palm of the hand
hitter the spiker or attacker
husband-and-wife play ball that drops between two players who fail to communicate
inside shoot a strategic play in which the attacker feigns a quick hit for a medium-height hit
isolation play a play intended to pin the attacker on a specific defender
jedi defense surprisingly powerful pass pulled off by an immobile defender
joust oppsing players volley the ball above the plane of the net
jump serve a jump spike of the ball by the server
key predicting the opponents next move, based on play patterns
kill a hit immediately resulting in a point or out
kong a one-handed block
let serve
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