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Chapter 13 section 3

Chapter 13 section 3 - The Age of Chivalry

What was the code of conduct for knights? chivalry
A knight was expected to fight bravely for three masters.One master a knight was supposed to fight for was his chosen lady
Which set of values did Chivalry follow? bravery,honesty,loyalty,and courteous
What was the main role/duty of knights? to help nobles fight for control of land and to protect their kingdom
What did knights most commonly trade military service for? land
Despite the fact that knights were held to the highest standards,most knights were rarely punished for brutality to the weak
Who was allowed to train to become a knight in the Middle Ages? a boy of noble birth
The first step to knighthood was called becoming a ____________. It is when at around the age of 7, a boy was sent off to the castle of another lord to learn good manners and and practice fihting skills. paige
The second step of knighthood was called becoming a ______________.At around the age of 14,a boy would become a servant of a knight. squire
What did knights often use alot of their newly acquired wealth for? weapons,armor,saddles,stirrups,and horses
What did knights devote much of their time to improving? their fighting skills
Staged or mock battles for entertaining audiences and that helped train knights to gain experience. tournaments
Traveling poet-musicians in the castles and courts of Medieval Europe. troubadours
What was the literature of chivalry about? the life of knights that did not reflect reality,castle life, and the code of chivalry
During the early European Middle Ages,songs and poems were written about a knight's loyalty to the woman that he loved.
Long poems that that were often stories about legendary kings such as Charlemagne and King Arthur were called ____________. epics
what was a women's role in Medieval society? had very little power,were taught they were inferior to men by the Church,and were limited to activities in the home
a woman who could sometimes rule the land when their husbands were away from home, could not inherit land,but who's main role was to take care of their home and children. a noblewoman
These women were in the majority during the early Middle Ages.They held no power, worked in the fields, took care of their families, and struggled to survive. peasant women
Kings,lords,vassals,knights, and noblewomen all lived in protected _________ made of stone.They were designed as fortresses with massive walls and guard towers. castles
Created by: eric.delaney
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