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Egypt Vocabulary


daiu A type of loin cloth worn by Egyptian men
mummy. A body that has been preserved and wrapped in linen
shadoof. Used for raising water to irrigate land
obelisk A tall tapering pillar with carvings on it telling about a pharaoh, usually set near a temple
sphinx. Any ancient Egyptian statue having a lions body and the head of a human ram or hawk
pyramid A huge triangular shaped monument of ancient Egypt built around a tomb
vizier. A high ranking official
papyrus. A paper like material made from a reed
embalming. To treat a dead body with preservatives to prevent it from decaying
famine. A severe shortage of food
theocracy. A government ruler by a religious leader
delta. A triangular deposit of soil at the mouth of a river
hieroglyth A system used in hieroglyphics, a system of writing developed around 3,000BCE
polytheism. The belief that there are many gods
monotheism. The belief that there is one god
pharaoh. A ruler of ancient Egypt believed to be gods
alliance. A bond between families, states or other groups to further their common interests
dynasty A family or group that rules for several generations
artesian. A crafts person
peasant A person who does farm work for wealthy land owners
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