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unit 6 US History p3

William James promoter of pragmatism
John Dewey An Educator and Philosopher
Traditional education was replaced by progressive education
Progressive education believed Education should change society
what corporation helped with construction of dams and hydroelectric plants? TVA
The 21st Amendment was created to repeal what Prohibition
Flood control and reforesting were two projects covered by? CCC
The Emergency Banking Relief Act allowed what? Government control over banks
What Provided Government payments to the unemployed FERA
What provided jobs through public construction projects? WPA
What controlled wages and prices of businesses? NRA
The Agricultural Adjustment Act reduced Crop acreage and raised prices of farm products
Two major issues in the 1928 Presidential Campaign were Religion and Prohibition
Stock a share in ownership
Black Tuesday is known as- October 29,1929 market crash
The Bolshevik Revolution was a ____ Revolution in Russia Communist
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