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Quiz on Ch 2, Ch 3


what year was Maryland manufactured in 1632
why was maryland manufactured for religious reasons
who was given maryland Lord Baltimore
who was maryland named after King Charles I (Herietta Maria)
what was maryland founded a haven for cathlics
what did the puritans want to purify the C of E
what did the Separatists want to do with the C of E forget them and form their own church
what are the puritans beliefs lead moral lives, prayconstantly, read the bible, and pre-destination
when did Charles I begin to do with the Puritans and in what year persecute them in the 1620s
why did the puritans want their own colony to escape supervision of Anglican Bishops, worship in their own churches,and make their own laws
what is the Mayflower Compact agreement to form a government and follow laws
who signed the Mayflower Compact english men
who was Metacom also known as King Philip
what was the most conflict in American history, in terms of population Pan-Indian alliance
when Metacom was captured, what did the Indians do to him beheaded him and cut his body into quarters, and took everything out of his body
what happened to Metacom's family when the Indians captured them they were sold into slavery
why did the Indians start questioning God they thought if God loved them so much, then why did was their such a brutal attack
who was the governor of Virginia at the time of Bacons Rebellion William Berkeley
why was William Berkeley so hated he heavily taxed the colonists
in 1675 a war broke out between who colonists and natives
in the 1675 war, did the natives want to get rid of the colonists or did the colonists want to get rid of the natives the colonists wanted to get rid of the natives
who did the natives rally around in Bacon's Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon
what is the SIGNIFICANCE of Bacon's Rebellion a new government will be formed to cater to all classes
when did the Glorious Revolution take place 1688-1689
who was James II replaced by during the Glorious Revolution his protestant daughter and his son-in-law
what are James II daughter's and son-in-law's names William and Mary
True or False: there was blood in the overflow of monarch during the Glorious Revolution False
after the Glorious Revolution, who was reaffirmed in England parliament and protestantism
True or False: Andros and his buddies were jailed in the colonies True
why was the joint-stock company unsuccessful the colonists could not return profits
True or False: Indian wars were always on land True
Created by: 76er Historian