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Constitution Test

8th Grade Constitution Test

where was a convention held? Philadelphia
when did the convention began? 1787
who was the chairman of the convention? George Washington
why are the powers of government separated into three branches of government? to prevent abuses of power
list the three branches of government executive, legislative, judicial
what are checks and balances? powers each branch has over other branches to protect against abuses of power. Designed to balance the powers of government
what is federalism? a system dividing powers between a central authority and smaller state and local governments
who is known as the father of the Constitution? James Madison
what part of the Constitution list the six goals for purposes of the Constitution? List the six. preamble, 1. in order to form a more perfect union 2. Establish justice 3. Insure domestic tranquility 4. Provide for the common defense 5. Promote the general welfare 6. Secure the blessings of liberty
what part of the Constitution states that the people of the United States are the authority for the Constitution? What three specific words are used? preamble, we the people
who has the power to make laws? legislative branch
name the two houses of Congress House of Representatives, Senate
who presides over the Senate? the vice president
who has the power to try those who have been impeached and remove them from office? Senate
who has the power to introduce a bill to raise taxes? House of Representatives
who has the power to raise or lower taxes? Congress
who governs the District of Columbia? Congress
who has the power to enforce or carry out laws? the executive branch, the president
who is the head of the executive branch? Pres.
who becomes president if the president cannot carry out his duties? VP
who is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces? Pres.
who has the power to pardon criminals? the president
where does judicial power reside? Supreme Court
who can declare a law unconstitutional? Supreme Court
how are new states added to the union? by Congress
what are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called? When were they passed? Bill of Rights, 1791
after a bill passes both houses of Congress, who must sign it? the president
how many amendments have there been to the Constitution? 27
who has the power to declare war? Congress
how many states are needed to ratify the Constitution for it to become law? 9/13
who has the power to make treaties and appointments? the president
what is the term used to describe the president's top advisors? cabinet
what is the supreme law of the United States? Constitution
who has the power to coin money, borrow money, and regulate the Postal Service? Congress
who has the power to order an immediate attack on another country if our security is threatened? the president
how many articles are there in the Constitution? seven
which branch of government interprets or judges the laws? judicial
list two ways amendments to the Constitution can be proposed 1. 2/3 vote of each house in Congress 2. Request of 2/3 of state legislators
how many presidents have been impeached? How many have been removed from office? two, none
what was the purpose of the constitutional convention? for the sole and express purpose to revising the articles of Confederation
who presides over the House of Representatives? speaker of the house
how many members must be present in the House of Representatives or Senate to hold a vote? a quorum, a simple majority. 218 in-house, 51 senators
who has the power to impeach a high public official, including the president? house of Representatives
how can Congress override a presidential veto? by a 2/3 vote in both houses
who becomes vice president if the vice president can't carry out his duties? president appoints and Congress approves
who becomes president is the president and the vice president are unable to carry out their duties? speaker of the house
what is the main job of the Supreme Court? interpret laws and uphold the Constitution
what did some states feel was lacking in the Constitution? Bill of Rights
How do citizens know what goes on each day in Congress? Congressional record
how does somebody get to be on the president's cabinet? president appoints and Senate confirms
who has the power to set wages and give raises to members of the government, including Congress? Congress
if there is a tie vote in the Senate? Who votes to break the tie? VP
name at least five positions on the president's cabinet 1. Secretary of State 2. Defense 3. Education 4. Treasury 5. Atty. Gen.
name one way the executive branch checks the judicial branch appoints judges
name two ways the legislative branch checks the executive branch 1. impeach and remove 2. Override vetoes
describe how a bill can become a law with out a presidential veto passed both houses of Congress by majority vote, then signed by Pres.
list 18 powers reserved to Congress 1taxation2Borrowing3Commerce4Naturalization/bankruptcy5coins/measures6Counterfeiting7USPS8Copyrights/patents9Crts10Piracy11Declaring war12Army13Navy14Military regs15Militia16militia regs National Guard17national capital18 nec. laws/elastic clause
what did the great compromise provide for? A bicameral, to house, legislature with one house based on population and one house based on equal representation
what is a quorum? a majority, over half of the total number possible. This is the minimum number necessary to conduct official business.
what do patents and copyrights protect? inventions and authors' words
what is the elastic clause? What is the official name of this clause? What number clause is it listed under in the powers delegated to Congress? Congress can stretch its powers as the needs of the country change. Necessary laws. Clause 18.
who officially elects a president and vice president? electoral college
how long a term of office to Justices serve on the Supreme Court? life
how does somebody get on the Supreme Court? appointed by the president, approved by Senate
how many Supreme Court justices does it take to declare a law unconstitutional? a simple majority, five out of the nine justices
name three ways there can be a vacancy on the Supreme Court death, impeach and remove, or resign
list two ways amendments to the Constitution can be ratified three fourths of the state legislatures or three fourths a special state conventions
what is the state of the union address? a report or speech given by the president to Congress and the public concerning the status of the nation and suggestions for the up coming year
does state law or federal law have the final power? federal law
who wrote a series of essays called the Federalist papers? Why did they write them? Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. To support the ratification of the Constitution
what is a veto? Who has the authority to veto a bill passed by Congress? preventing a bill from becoming law. President
name one way the judicial branch "checks" the legislative branch and the executive branch can declare laws unconstitutional
name one way the executive branch "checks" the legislative branch Pres. can veto bills or sign them into law
name one way the legislative branch "checks" the judicial branch impeach and remove judges or approve judges appointed by the president
describe how a bill can become a law with a presidential veto repass both houses of Congress by two thirds vote
how long of a term does a member of the House of Representatives serve? two years
what are the three requirements to be a representative? age 25, citizen for seven years, officially live in the state
how many representatives are there in the House of Representatives? 435
how long is termed as a senator serve? six years
what are the three requirements to be a senator? age 30, citizen for nine years, officially live in the state
how many senators are elected from each state? How many total do we have? two from each state, 100 total senators
what is naturalization? Who determines what must be done in order to be naturalized? the process by which a person can become a citizen. Congress
what are the three requirements to be president? age 35, natural born citizen, live in the country for 14 years
how long is the term of office of the president? 4 years
how many terms can president serve? when was this added to the Constitution? 2terms, 22nd amendment
how old must a citizen be to vote? Which amendment change this? When was this amendment passed? 18 years old, amendment 26, 1971
when is election day? Congressional elections are held on even numbered years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November
what does the third amendment guarantee? No soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner
what does the Fifth Amendment guarantee? No one can be forced to say anything that would help convict him or herself of a crime. Rights of the accused.
What does the seventh amendment guarantee? Trial by jury in civil cases involving $20 or more
what amendment abolished slavery? When was it passed? 13th amendment, 1865
what amendment prohibits discrimination concerning the right to vote? When was it passed? 15th amendment, 1870
which amendment gave American women the right to vote? When was it passed? 19th amendment, 1920
what is prohibition? When was it repealed? How long did that. The prohibition last banned alcohol, 1933, 14 years
which amendment gives a person the right to call reluctant witnesses and to question or cross-examine, witnesses who testified against them? Sixth amendment, right to a fair trial
name the five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
which amendment gives citizens the right to own a weapon? Second Amendment, right to bear arms
which amendment gives you the right to remain silent if questioned by authorities? Fifth Amendment, rights of the accused
which amendment guarantees that a warrant is required to search your house or property if you don't give consent? Fourth amendment, rights against unreasonable search and seizure
what is double jeopardy? What amendment protects citizens from this? Being tried twice for the same crime. Fifth Amendment.
Which amendment gives citizens the right to a lawyer even if they can't afford one? sixth amendment, right to a fair trial
what is bail? Bill is money that the accused leaves with the court as a guarantee that he or she will appear for trial.
Which amendment prohibits a judge from ordering and criminals hands cut off? Eighth amendment, no cruel or unusual punishment
which amendment allows states to make their own laws if not prohibited by the Constitution? 10th amendments, rights reserved to the states
which amendment guarantees a citizens right to do something if there isn't a law against it, it doesn't interfere with somebody else's rights, and it is not a specific right listed in the Bill of Rights? Ninth amendment, rights reserved to the people
why must the police officer have probable cause to search somebody? Fourth amendment, right against unreasonable search and seizure
what part of the Bill of Rights is a issue concerning school dress codes in uniforms? First Amendment
Which plan favored small states? New Jersey Plan
Which plan favored larger states? Virginia Plan
what is habeas corpus? When can it be suspended? Where is it listed in the Constitution? charge a person in jail with a particular crime or let the person go within 72 hours. Can be suspended in the cases of rebellion or invasion. Article 1 section 9, clause 2, Powers denied to Congress
what is ex post facto law? Where is it listed in the Constitution? a law that make something illegal that was not illegal at the time it was done. Article 1, section 9, clause 3, Powers denied to Congress
what two factors determine treason? where a crime is defined as carrying on war against the US or helping enemies of the US
what kind of tax is prohibited by amendment? When was this past? poll tax 1964
what kind of tax is allowed by amendment? When was this past income tax 1913
what is a poll tax? When did it become illegal? pay a tax to register to vote. Illegal in 1964
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