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Chapter 29

hi this is great vocab

Phidias One of the most famous sculptors in Ancient Greece
Athena Goddess of war and wisdom
Nike Goddess of victory
Parthenon A temple dedicated to Athena
The Temple of Delphi A temple that is dedicated to Apollo. People would go there for advice
Doric columns A column that is plain and has vertical strips. Very plain.
Ionic columns A column that has scrolls on the top. More decorative than the Doric
Corinthian columns This is a very decorative column that is the most decorative. It looks like there are leaves on the top sides on the columns.
Panatheniac Games Competition games held every four years like the olympics
Pericles A very brave Greek commander for soldiers.
Theater of dionysus Where Greeks held drama and tragedy.
oracle A person at Delphi that speaks for Apollo.
pediment A part of a temple that the roof slants into a triangle.
freize The part of a temple that most of the metopes are sculpted
Socrates The most known philosopher of all time. He was the father of western philosophy.
Plato Another philosopher, trained by Socrates
Aristotle philosopher trained by plato
Acropolis The top of athens, on a hill, where most of the all of the temples were.
sculptor a person that sculpts sculptures.
footrace A game in the Panatheniac games where u run
poseidon The greek god of the sea
chariot races horse on wagon races.
philosophor a man that loves wisdom.
boxing A "sport" where you basically kill and fight to the death with out weapons.
Created by: ohu912
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