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road to constitution

I copied this from Sara Beth & Margaret's Quizlet

Magna Carta 1215; nobles forced king to sign to limit kings power make laws fair property rights, due process of law
Cato's Letters 1720s; speak out against heavy rule of king; newspaper articles
Mayflower Compact 1620; pilgrims agreement to create their own government, follow laws, serve the common good
English Bill of Rights 1689; parliament said free elections, right to bear arms, no cruel or unusual punishment
Common Sense 1776; Thomas Paine explained arguments for independence to everyday colonists
A _____ is a signed agreement. confederation
The ______ ____ forced colonists to house British troops. Intolerable Acts
Britain saw its colonies as a source of _____ profit
If you sold a newspaper in 1765, you would have to put a ___ ____ on it. tax stamp
We celebrate the 4th of July because that is when the _________ __ _____________ was signed. Declaration of Independence
The Townshend Revenue Act allowed the government to _____ peoples homes. search
Virginia's Colony's first government was called the _____ __ _______. House of Burgesses
The colonists had to follow the laws of ________. England