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Pilgrim Review

When did the Pilgrims leave Holland? 1609
What was Puritanism? A religious movement to combine Church of England and Roman Catholicism
Where were the pilgrims aiming for? They were aiming to land above Jamestown.
Who wanted to separate from the Church of England? The Separatists
When did the Pilgrims land? November of 1620
Who wanted to reform the Church of England? The Puritans
Who lead the Wampanoag tribe? Chief Massasoit
When did they leave for an area next to Jamestown? 1620
Where did they land after they were blown off course? An area next to the Wampanoag tribe, and they called it Plymouth.
When the Separatists left, what did they call themselves? The Pilgrims
Who was Squanto? He was captured by John Smith and escaped he became the Wampanoags interpreter.
Why did the Pilgrims want to set up a colony beside of Jamestown? They thought that they would need help, since Jamestown was already established and they know how to survive
Why did the Pilgrims leave Holland? Their children were losing their English culture, they were given low paying jobs, and they were not very liked.
How was Squanto’s tribe taken out when he returned from England? Chicken Pox