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French: Calender

Ill fait frais cool
Ill fait du soleil sunny
Ill fait du vent windy
Ill fait froid cold
Ill fait beau beautiful
Ill fait mauvais nasty
Ill fait chaud hot
Il pleut rain
Il neige snow
Il ya des nuages cloudy
l'automne fall
l'hiver winter
Le printemps spring
L'ete summer
Aujourd'hui est... Today is...
After Lundi mardi
After Mardi mercredi
After mercredi jeudi
After jeudi vendredi
After vendredi samedi
After samedi dimanche
After dimanche lundi
How do you say "October First" in french? premier octobre
What is the first month and it's season? janvier & l'hiver
What is after janvier? fevrier
What is after fevrier and it's season? mars & le printemps
What is after mars? avril
What is after avril? mai
What is after mai? juin
What is after juin & it's season? julliet & l'ete
What is after julliet? aout
What is after julliet & it's season? septembre & l'automne
What is after septembere? octobre
What is after octobre? novembre
What is the final month & it's season? decembre & l'hiver
When is Christmas? What weather might you find during that month? decembre & Il neige
When is Thanksgiving? What weather might you find during that month? novembre & Ill fait frais
When do we return to school? What weather might you find then? aout & Il ya des nuage
What weather might you find in julliet? Ill fait chaud
In what month is Halloween? What weather might you find during that month? octobre & Ill fait du vent
Created by: willy1745