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History II

Chapter 17: Progressivism

Progressivism movement that responded to the pressures of industrialization and urbanization by promoting reforms
Lincoln Steffens muckracking author of 'Shame of the Cities', exposed corruption in urban government
Jacob Riis muckracking photographer and author of 'How the Other Half Lives', exposed the condition of the urban power
Jane Addams leader in the settlement house movement
settlement house community center that provided services for the urban poor
Social Gospel belief that following Christian principles could bring about social justice
direct primary allowed voters to select candidates rather than having them selected by party leaders
initiative process in which citizens put a proposed new law directly on the ballot
referendum process that allows citizens to reject/accept laws passed by their legislature
recall process by which voters can remove elected officials from office before their terms end
John Spargo focused on difficlt lives of child workers
Ida Tarbell 'The History of Standard Oil'
Florence Keliey fromed the National Consumer's League (NCU)
National Consumer's League group that labeled and publicized 'goods produced under fair, safe, and healthy worker conditions
temperance movement aimed at stopping alcohol abuse and the problems created by it
Margaret Sanger nurse who opened the first birth control clinic
Ida W. Wells helped to found the National Association of Colored Women (NAOW)
suffrage the right to vote
Carrie Chapman Catt president of the NAWSA, campaigned to pass women's suffrage at both the state and national levels
National American Women Suffrage Association group that worked on the state and national levels to earn women the right to vote
Alice Paul social activist, led women to picket at the White House to get the right to vote
Nineteenth Amendment 1919, constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote
Americanization belief that assimilating immigrants into American society would make them more loyal citizens
Booker T. Washington favored a gradualism approach for blacks to earn rights through economic progress and employment in the skill trades
W.E.B. Du Bois demanded immediate and full rights for blacks as guaranteed bu the Constitution
Niagara Movement group of African Americans thinkers founded in 1905 that pushed for immediate racial reforms
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) interracial organization founded in 1909 to abolish segregation, discrimination, and achieve political rights fro African American
Urban League organization to assist working class African American with relief jobs, clothing, and schools
Anti-Defamation League organization whose goal is to defend Jews and others from false statements and verbal or physical attacks
mutualists Mexican Americans groups that provided loans, legal assistance, and disability insurance for members
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