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Unit 3 Test US

A. Republicans B. Lincoln, stop the Spread C.South thought it would eventually mean they were outvoted and slavery would be abolished 2.Know the following information about the election of 1860: A. What political party won? B. Who won the election? What was his goal with regards to slavery? C. How did it lead to the Civil War?
People 6. Who has the power under popular sovereignty? (Kings, Presidents, States, or People?)
Poll Taxes, Literacy Tests, Grandfather Clause 7. List the ways Jim Crow limited voting in the South.
Ensure Southern States protected the rights of African Americans 10. What was the Republican goal for Reconstruction?
Fugitive Slave Law 11. Which vocabulary term is referred to in the poster to the left?
White Northern Republicans who came to the South opening businesses and running politics sympathetic to African Americans 12. This cartoon to the right shows “Carpetbaggers.” Who were they?
33. N 34. S 35. N 36. S 37. N 38. N 39. S 40. N Match the Civil War advantage with the North or South/ 33.Factories for war materials 34.Knew the Land 35.Large Population 36.Just needed to last long enough to get the other side to give up 37.Better Transportation 38.Navy 39.Cotton 40. More Resources
Wanted the same number of slave as free states to have equal representation in the Senate 41. Prior to the Civil War, what did it mean that the South wanted to keep Congressional balance?
A. California Free State B. No slave trade in Washington D.C. C. New Fugitive Slave Law D. Other Mexican Cession States chose to be slave or free States based on popular sovereignty 42. List parts of the Compromise of 1850
Reconstruction 43. According to the Compromise of 1877, Republican Hayes became president if what program was ended in the South?
Missouri Compromise 44. According to this political cartoon to the left, the Kansas Nebraska Act forced slavery into areas that were suppose to be free States under what compromise?
After reconstruction 45. Did the circumstances shown in the political cartoon to the right occur before, during, or after Reconstruction?
Thought he was a accomodationist accepting segregation 46. Why did Ida B Wells and WEB DuBois disagree with Booker T Washington?
Created by: ahowe