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Isolationist American Foreign Policy that did not trade with other countries.
Imperialism Stronger nation takes over a weaker nation American changes foreign policy from Isolationism to Imperialism
Senator Cabot Lodge Strong U.S. Senator that supported American Imperialism
Captain Alfred Mahan Wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History. America will follow his plan for Imperialism.
Captain Alfred Mahan's Plan 1) Strong Navy 2) Build a Canal 3) Get Defensive Bases and Re-coaling Stations
New Markets Places to trade. U.S. will trade with Asia (China and Japan)
Spheres of Influence European countries had markets in China and U.S. felt left out.
Open Door Policy Guarantees equal trading rights and secures U.S. foreign markets in China.
Boxer Rebellion The Chinese rebel against foreign occupations and U.S. troops help end the rebellion.
Sanford Dole Owns Dole pineapple plantations in Hawaii. Helps overthrow the Queen (monarchy) of Hawaii.
Hawaii Becomes U.S. possession in 1898. Becomes a defensive base (Pearl Harbor) and refueling station.
Spanish American War Fought in 1898 lasted less than a year between U.S. and Spain. Fought in Philippines and Cuba
Causes of Spanish American War Yellow Journalism, U.S.S Maine, DeLome Letter
Yellow Journalism Events in Cuba were being exaggerated by U.S. newspapers like Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal. Leads to American support for going to war with Spain
U.S.S. Maine U.S.S. Maine was sent off the coast of Cuba to evacuate American's from Cuba if needed. The ship exploded and killed 258 American sailors. Spain blamed "Remember the Maine to Hell with Spain"
DeLome Letter Spanish Ambassador DeLome called President McKinley weak. The letter was published in the newspaper and outraged Americans.
Rough Riders Volunteer army who fought in Cuba against the Spanish.They defeated the Spanish at San Juan Hill Led by Theodore Roosevelt who later becomes the first Progressive President.
Outcome of the Spanish American War U.S. defeats Spain, war lasted less than a year becomes a world power
Results of the Spanish American War U.S. becomes a World Power Cuba becomes independent U.S. gains Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico
Economic Impact of New Territories Guam and Philippines will help U.S. trade with Asia (China and Japan). Puerto Rico will help U.S. trade in Latin America (Western Hemisphere, Caribbean)
Monroe Doctrine Prevented Europeans from establishing colonies in the Western Hemisphere (North America, Latin America, South America)
Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine Known as "Big Stick Policy" Roosevelt's changes to the Monroe Doctrine that America would collect taxes from Latin American countries so Europe can stay out of the region. U.S. will use military to become international police
Dollar Diplomacy President Taft's foreign policy Encourages U.S. bankers to invest in Latin America. Guarantees payment or military will be sent in. Example Nicaragua
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