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Toefl Vocab 4 61-80

Toefl Vocab Words 61-80

Shift - The shift in the wind was helpful to the sailors. A change in position or direction; switch
Elude - The criminal has eluded the police for months. To escape in a tricky way; evade
Facet - The proposal had many beneficial facets. Element or component; aspect
Suitable - Her dress was not suitable for the occasion. Appropriate; correct; convenient
Ample - There is ample evidence that the young man was speeding when the accident occurred. More than enough; sufficient
Arid - The area known as the Sahara Desert is one of the most arid places in the world. Having little rain or water; dry
Defy - I defy you to find that book in the library’s collection. To show little fear or regard for rules or established norms; to challenge
Feign - She feigned illness when it was time to visit the dentist. To pretend; to make believe
Indiscriminate - The indiscriminate arrangement of the products made the store confusing. Arbitrary; unplanned
Withstand - She cannot withstand the pressures of her job. To fight without surrender; to persist; to survive
halt - Bus service to the city was halted due to poor road conditions. To stop, to discontinue
handle - They handled themselves very well, given the circumstances. To deal with or control, manage
perilous - It is perilous to exceed the speed limit. Threatening; risky; harmful
convey - He was able to convey his message to the audience with ease. To make something known to others; to communicate
encompass - The course encompasses all the literature of the 19th century. To surround completely; include
heighten - A very successful interview can heighten a candidate's chances to get a job. To cause to become greater; to intensify
inadvertently - The reporters had inadvertently failed to include the name of one of the dignitaries. By accident; carelessly
retrieve - Will Detroit retrieve its status as the car manufacturing center of the world? To find and bring back; recover
unlikely - Rain is unlikely during the summer. Not probable; doubtful
inordinate - The airlines had to cancel an inordinate number of flights due to the fog. A large amount or quantity; excessive
Created by: anino
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