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U.SHist unit 5 part2

Eugenics - Believed the human race could be improved through selective breeding.
Who pledge them self to a new deal for the American People FDR
What contributed to the Great Depression High Tariffs and High interest rates
What act limited Immigration into the United States? The Emergency Quota
President who died in office ? Warren G. Harding
Tennessee teacher put on trial for teaching evolution in a public school? John Scopes
First American to win a Nobel Prize For Literature Sinclair Lewis
First person to head the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
Herbert Hoover he refused to offer direct monetary assistance during the Great Depression
Calvin Cooldge Lower taxes on businesses and practiced a careful spending policy
Who fought for black rights and founded the United Negro Improvement Association Susan B. Anthony
who fought for womens's rights to vote and helped wright the Nineteenth Amendment Marcus Garvey
Fear of immigrants led to a belief that descendants of English settlers needed protection called what? Nativism
What act separated commercial and investment banks? The Glass-Steagall
What was created in response to violent acts attributed to communist ? The Federal Bureau of Investigation
what provided jobs to build rail roads, dams, bridges, and public buildings? The Works Progress
What Authority controlled flooding and produced electricity for large regions The Tennessee Valley
President Hoover Authorized construction of .. The Boulder Dam
The Stock Market crash was preceded by .. Speculation in risky investments
Retirees and disables could receive monetary support from .. The social security administration
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