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Industrial Rev.

People ONLY

Who had the world's 1st research lab in Menlo's Park, NJ? Thomas Edison
Who's innovations made electricity safer and cheaper? George Westinghouse
Who invented the typewriter that changes the work place? Chris Sholes
The two men who invented the telephone for worldwide communication? Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson
bicycle makers who built the first glider? Orville and Wilbur wright
Who developed flexible film to use instead of heavy glass plates, allowing film to be sent to studio for processing? George Eastman
Who proposed the position dividing the world into 24 time zones? C.F. Dowd
Who built a factory town near Chicago, where his workers lived and worked making the cars he invented? George M. Pullman
made fortune in RRs, a steel leader, tried control the steel industry with vertical integration, symbolized growth of big business Andrew Carnegie
head of standard oil, a monopoly, formed a trust, controlled 90% of the refining business, huge profits paying low wages, driving his competition out of business, labeled as Robber Baron John D. Rockefeller
What was passed because public outraged that in 1886 supreme court ruled that states could not set rates on interstate commerce? Interstate Commerce Act
Social Darwinism -Intellectual movement that came from ideas of Charles Darwin -English philosopher ,Hebert Spencer used this to explain evolution of society -no gov't regulation of business -used laissez- faire doctrine -success and failure governed by natural laws
law passed to protect business from competition, illegal to form a trust that interfered with free trade between states, gov't eventually stopped enforcing it b/c trust were hidden Sherman Anti-trust Act
National Labor Union formed by iron maker William H. Sylvis
Knights of Labor organized by Uriah Stephens
American Federation of Labor formed by Samuel Gompers
American Railway Unison formed by Eugene Debs
communism advocated by and felt that capitalism would be overthrown by communism Karl Marx
used steam engine to drill for oil Edwin L. Drake
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