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U.S. Hist part 1/2

U.S. History Unit 5

The expansion of what and widespread availability of automobiles greatly improved american lifestyles in the 1920's Electricity
What was the first full length feature film with sound and dialogue? The Jazz singer
What drought drove thousands of "Okies" to seek employment in California ? The Dust Bowl
What act required the government to prepare a annual spending plan? The National Budget Act
The Supreme Court rejected several attempts by whom to use executive programs? FDR
what were some characteristics of the Flapper society? enjoyed new dances and wore long beads, straight dresses, and straw hats
Which ac by FDR greatly angered Congress and the Public? His attempt to increase the number of Supreme Court justices
The Tomb of the unknown soldier is guarded day and night by..? a Sentinel guard of the U.S.Army 3rd Infantry Regiment
The Roaring Twenties was a time of... Carefree do-as-you-please living
The Hundred days FDR pushed through 15 act to help Americans during the Great Depression
Black Tuesday The Stock market crashed on October 29,1929
Red Scare Violent acts raised concerns about communism taking hold in america
Harlem Renaissance Black writers,Poets and musicians began to receive proper recognition for their contributions
The Great Migration Many African Americans moved from the South to northern industrial cities
Teapot Dome Bribes from oil companies created a scandal in Harding administration
Washington Naval Conference Its Goal was to protect China's Sovereignty and limit naval forces of world powers
Bank failure cause what Many individuals to lose their life saving.
Why were Striking Boston policemen fired by governor Calvin Coolidge? For not returning to work
What failed because there was no realistic way to enforce it, Prohibition
The 1930's was the Golden Age of ... Radio
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