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Gilded Age

Urbanization Rapid growth of the city
Migration Movement within the same country. People moved from rural (country/farms) to urban (city) for industrial jobs in the Northeast
Immigration Moving from one country to another
Old Immigrants From Northern and Western Europe (Great Britain, France). Accepted by Americans because they were literate, educated, skilled laborers and Christian
New Immigrants From Southern and Eastern Europe (Russia, Italy). Nativists dislike them because they are uneducated, unskilled workers and Eastern Europeans are Communist/Anarchists.
Political Machine Corrupt system ran by Political Boss
Political Boss In exchange for votes helps immigrants find jobs and tenement housing. Makes improvements to urban infrastructures. Gets wealthy from overbids on government contracts.
Nativists Americans who want American for Americans. They dislike immigrants and support immigration restriction laws
Labor Unions Workers join labor unions in hopes of getting better working conditions, standard work hours and safer working conditions
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