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1-15 vocab

1-15 vocab AP history

Tang The Chinese dynasty that emphasized civil administration, industry, education, and arts instead of the military
Diocletian The Roman emperor who attempted to stop decline by dividing the empire into 2 halves, each ruled by 2 tetrachs
Ashoka 3rd ruler of the Maryann empire in india (270-232 BCE.) He converted to Buddhism and broadcast his precepts on inscribed stones and pillars, the earliest surviving wirting
Tang tribute system China was recognized as the overlords of the surrounding lands, and envoys from these lands would deliver gifts to the court and kowtow before the emperor
Alexander the great Great Macedonian conqueror who spread Hellenistic culture into an enormous empire before dying to a fever in his 30s
Taika Reforms An attempt to remake the japanese monarch an absolute Chinese style emperor
Yamamoto Aristocratic family that dominated the japanese imperial court between the 9th and 12th centuries
Qin Chinese dynasty whose capital was Chang'an. Known for tribute system, equal field distribution and intro of civil service exams
Han Wudi Han warrior and emperor who defeated the Xiongnu, nationalized iron production,and expanded the empire
Delhi Sultanate The name for the region and people in the post-classical Muslim-controlled northern india. Spread Islam,
Confucianism A Chinese philosophy that stresses love for humanity
Plato Greek philosopher and student of Socrates.
Attila the Han 5th century nomadic ruler whose forces overran a region from central Asia to central europe. His armies were known for their century and wholesale destruction
Maurya Powerful Indian dynasty established in the 4th century B.C following the invasion by Alexander the great.
Civil Service Exam A tang-era push towards promoting the emperor's relations and those who were most loyal in their service to the emperor
Cultural diffusion The spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one another
Legalism Political philosophy espoused by Qin China that emphasized the unruliness of human nature and justified state coercion and control
Dome of rock Muslim shrine containing rock
Foot-binding The practice of tying a young girls feet in order to keep them from growning
Shinto The ancient indigenous religion of Japan
Axum Trading empire from south of Egypt during the post classical era. Controlled trade between Egypt and sub Saharan Africa.
Infrastructure The basic support systems needed to keep an economy going.
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