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Western Expansion

Manifest Destiney Belief that God wanted Americans to expand west of the Mississippi River all the way to the Pacific Ocean.
Dawes Act Forced assimilation of Native Americans and forced them into reservations
Homestead Act Government gave people 160 acres of land to settle the Great Plains, build a home and farm the land
Sod Home Home built of soil, grass because settlers of the Great Plains had to adapt to the environment. There was a lack of timber (lumber, wood)
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad that connected East Coast of America to the West Coast. It made for transportation faster, caused Native American conflicts, time zone created
Chinese Exclusion Act Nativists in California disliked Chinese immigrants and supported new legislation that did not allow new Chinese immigrants into the U.S. for 10 years
Impact of Barbwire Settlers of the Great Plains used it to fence their property. It lead to the end of the cattle drive
California Gold Rush of 1849 American miners moved to Califoria to mine gold along with Chinese immigrants who immigrated to California
Klondike Gold Rush Miners move to Alaska in search of gold
New Technology in Farming Equipment New equipment like the steel plow made farming possible in the Great Plain.
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