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Moose-Colonial Amer

Colonial America

What was the first English attempt at settlement in North America? Roanoke Island
What was the first successful permanent English settlement in North America? Jamestown
What struggle did Jamestown endure? Starving Time
On what was the economy of the Southern Colonies based? cash crops
On what was the economy of the Middle Colonies based? farming, light industry, shipping
On what was the economy of the New England Colonies based? fishing, whaling, shipbuilding, timber
How did the Lords Proprietors attract settlers to the Carolina colony? headright method
What political ideal gave the settlers of Jamestown a voice in government? House of Burgesses
What political ideal gave the settlers of New England more political participation? Town hall meetings
Who initially settled the New England colonies? Pilgrims
What groups initially settled the Middle Colonies? Quakers, Germans, Swedish, Dutch
What groups settled in the Carolina colony? English, French Huguenots, European Jews, Germans, Swiss, Irish, Scottish
From where did the English planters who settled in Carolina come? Barbados
What adjective best describes the Middle Colonies? diverse
Why did the Virginia Company of London want Jamestown to be successful? They invested in the expedition as a joint stock company.
For what purpose did the settlement of Georgia serve? as a buffer between Spanish Florida and the Carolinas
What is the name of people who disagrees with the common belief of a community? dissenters
What was the owner or manager of an English colony called? proprietors
What colonial region was known as the breadbasket? Middle Colonies
Who was the proprietor of the Pennsylvania colony? William Penn
What document was a step toward democracy by setting up town hall meetings? Mayflower Compact
How did the Middle Colonies contribute to the development of democracy? representative assembly
In the Carolina Colony, where did most of the planters settle? Low Country near Charlestown
In the Carolina Colony, what were the main cash crops? rice and indigo
Where did most of the German population settle in the Carolina Colony? Lexington County
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