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EPIC Soc. Stud. 2015

10 commandments the 10 commandments God gave that Moses. Jews follow it.
Abraham He started Judaism He was given the Torah and the 10 commandments by god.
Apostles/Disciples The 12 disciples of Jesus.
Bible the religious book of Christianity.
Christianity The belief in Jesus, God, and the Resurrection of Jesus.
Cultural diffusion The spreading of a culture or religion.
Decade 10 years.
Diaspora the spreading of Judaism.
Hebrews/Israelites followers of Judaism.
Jesus Son of God, was Crucified, was resurrected, believed in by Christians.
Judaism The belief in God, Abraham, and Moses.
Missionary Someone who spreads a religion.
Persecution Hurting someone because of their religion.
Religion a set of beliefs.
Torah the religious book of Jews.
Church/Cathedral A place of worship for Christians.
Covenant An agreement, like Abraham's agreement with god.
Crucifiction Getting nailed to a cross by the Romans for death.
Greatest Commandment
Holy Trinity The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Jerusalem The capital of Judaism.
Kosher A method of cooking meat for Jews.
Messiah Will bring an eternal kingdom(believed to be Jesus by Christians and hasn't come to Jews.)
New Testament
Ressurection Coming back to life, like Jesus.
Yahweh Jewish name for God.
civilization a group of people who share the 7 traits.
human development
innovation An improvement of an idea.
invention A new idea.
social structure
standard of living
system of writing
canals Tunnels to funnel water to farms.
century 100 years.
city states
cultural hearth
cuneiform The ancient language of Mesopotamia.
Egyptians The people of Egypt.
Hammurabi's code The first group of laws.
hieroglyphics The Egyptian writing.
millennium 1000 years.
Nile River Valley
Primary source A direct source you created.
secondary source An indirect source from someone else.
Sumarians The people of Sumeria.
Theocracy Government+Religion
Tigris-Euphrates River Valley
Makkah A holy place to Islam.
Qur'an The holy book of Islam.
Muslims People who practice Islam.
prophet A messenger of God.
people of the book
Monotheism the belief in one god
polytheism the belief in many gods
trade routes a path to get to a trading market
Night journey When Muhammad went to heaven and met God, Jesus, Abraham, and Moses
Muhammad the creator of Islam
Jihad Represents Muslim's internal and external struggles to serve God/ to keep the religion up and running.
five pillars of faith faith/Shahadah, prayer/salat, charity/Zakat, fasting/Siayam, and Mekkah's pilgrimage/Hajj.
pilgrimage travel to a new place
shari'ah the Islamic law
Sunnah the example of Muhammad
mosques a house of worship
Shahadah Allah is the only god and Muhammad is his messenger.
Zakat 5 prayers a day to Allah
Salat donate to the poor through your income
Siyam month long fasting
Hajj you must go to Mekka once in your life if you are healthy and you have the money.
External Jihad after Internal Jihad, one is ready to fight for Islam.
Internal Jihad to clean one's soul from all purities of life.
Imam a leader of worship in Islam.
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