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Military Actions

The military actions in the American Revolution

Who fought in the French and Indian war French and English
How long did the French and Indian war last 7 years
Who ends up owning the Ohio River Valley by the end of the French and Indian War The British
What was the proclamation of 1763 It made it illegal for colonists to move west
Who did the Indians help during the French and Indian War The French
How did Britain pay off the war debts from the French and Indian War By taxing the colonists
What were the French and English fighting over The Ohio River Valley
Who wins the French and Indian War England
What is another name for the French and Indian War The Seven Years War
What did the Ohio River Valley have that made it so valuable Resources
The King wanted to keep the ___________ and ___________ separated Indians; colonists
The Proclamation Line was also known as the _______________ _____________ _______ Appalachian Mountain Chain
Colonists were told to stay on the ________ side of the Proclamation Line east
Colonists who were living on the west side of the _________________ _________ moved east Proclamation Line
________ ________ ___ issued the Proclamation of 1763 King George III
Colonists were unhappy because they felt they had the right to __________ expand
Georgia's southern border was moved to ___ _______ __________ St. Mary's River
Proclamation of ______ 1763
Indians were upset that they ________ the French and Indian War lost
Georgians were ________ about the Proclamation Line upset
The Battle of Kettle Creek took place in 1739 True
The Battle of Kettle Creek was a major battle compared to the other battles fought False
The militia needed gold and knives False
The Georgia morale was very low before the Battle of Kettle Creek and it boosted their morale True
the Siege of Savannah was successful False
There were more than 1000 deaths in the Siege of Savannah True
The Siege of Savannah lasted 45 days False
The French took control of Savannah False
Savannah stayed under British control for over 3 years after the Siege of Savannah True
The Siege of Savannah was the French against the colonists False
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