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Ancient Artifacts

Ardi, Homo Sapians, Chopping Tool, Apes

Notes On Ardi Ardi was phenomenal proof of evolution. She had a pelvis that proved she walked upright but had grasping feet as if she was a monkey. She could climb trees well but not as good as a monkey because she was in the center of evolution.
Notes On Lucy Lucy was apart of the day in age when monkeys had just started walking on two legs. They had decided to do this because and was faster and more sufficient to use two legs. It saved there energy
Continued Notes On Lucy Saving energy was very much needed they were one bite of food away from dieing. They barely had enough calosrie to survive. Saving energy means raising more children. Raising more children means there species won't die out
Notes On The Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool The Olduvai Stone Chopping Tool was used to strip am animal of its flesh or break bones. It was created by striking it against another stone breaking peices off to mark it sharper. Our ancestors were so smart they made it tk fit in the palm of a hand
Notes On The Olduvai Hand Axe (Swiss Army Knife) The artifact was made by using a hard rock called quartz to break off small pieces of a soft rock called flint.It was very sharp .It was called the SwissArmyKnife beacuse it had many uses such as skinning an animal or bark on trees stabbing butchering axe
Notes On The Old Timer The old timers species was Homo Erectus. Fossils of this species are the first known hominid outside of Africa. There is evidence that proves that they had the ability to care for each other.
Notes On Tukana Boy Turkana boys species is Homo Erectus. His skeleton tells us his gender species growth rate and body structure. His species looked more like Homo Sapians.
Notes On The Java Man The Java Mans species is Homo Erectus. He was located on an island which implies they had a from of transportation then. Most likely a raft of some sort. Scientists are always changing there theorys for example the names.
Notes On The Old Man Of La Chappelle The Old Man La Chappelles species is Homo neanderthaleans is. He was found in Europe and suffered a severe joint disease. There is evidance that hos group cared enough to take care of him. First evidance pf barriels comes from the species.
Notes On The Swimming Reindeer The artifact was made of mammoth tusk. It was made by a chopping tool a knife widdle and some form of polish this artifact was an early form of art because it had no particular use.
Notes On The Clovis Spearpoint The Clovis spear point was made by striking flint with a harder rock. Used as a hunting weapon giving us information of when and where the American ancestors settled.
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