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S.S. Quiz on vocab.

S.S. Quiz on vocabulary Answer
Palestinian: a person descended from people of the Arabian peninsula Arabs
Discrimination against Jews Anti-semitism
The scattering of Jews around the world Diaspora
Ruled over the region from the early 1300's until the end of WW1 The ottoman empire
A movement in Europe in the early 1900's calling for Jews to establish a Jewish state in the ancient homeland ofPalesyinian Zionosm
The systematic plan by German leader Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Party to murder all the Jews Holocaust
Small crowded piece of coastal land where more than a million Palestinians live Gaza Strip
Disputed land in northern Israel and Western Syria Golan Heights
Palestinian territory; much larger than Gaza and has a population of 2.4 million West Bank
A large Jewish farm or settlement where people share everything in common Kibbuts
A person who flees his country for safety, usually from war Refugees
Arabic for uprising. a 7 year political revolt carried out by young Palestinians against the Israel occupation Intifada
A group that represents Arab people of Palestine who were displaced by the establishment of Isreal PLO
Arab extremist group founded in the mid-1980's that has led attacks on Isreal Hamas
U.S. president who helped work out a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979 (the camp David Accord). Jimmy Carter
Egyptian president who signed peace agreement in 1979 Anwar Sadat
Israeli prime minister who signed the peace agreement in 1979 Menachem Begin
The first leader of the PLO; died 2004 Yasser Arafat
U.S. president who helped work out a peace agreement between the PLO and the Israelis in 1993, known as Oslo Accord Bill Clinton
Isreali prim minister who signed the peace agreement in 1993(the Oslo accord), later assassinated Yitzhak Rabin
An Islamic Shiite organization that frequently attacks Israel from neighboring countries Hezbollah
There is on official territory known by this name, making people refugees Palestine
At first Arabs & Jews lived together in peace, but as the _________ population increased the tension between the two groups increased Jewish
What event began or triggered the conflict? Jews returned to their homeland because of Persecution in Europe
Who was responsible for the two groups being forced to share land? The United nations\Britain
What is the main reason peace agreements don't last? Peace treaty being broken because of extremist violence
Created by: bffs600
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