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Progressive Era

16th Amendment Graduated Income Tax (more money you make the more taxes you pay)
17th Amendment Direct Election of Senators
18th Amendment Prohibition (alcohol is illegal)
19th Amendment Women's Suffrage (right to vote)
Mucrakers Investigative reporters who reviled the evils of society
Ida B. Wells Anti-lynching
Ida Tarbell Investigated Rockefeller and Standard Oil
Upton Sinclair Wrote "The Jungle" investigated rats in the meat. Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act passed.
Lincoln Steffens Wrote "Shame of the Cities" investigated urban depression and corruption
Jacob Riis "How the Other Half Lives" photographed the urban depression
W.E.B. DuBois Fought for African American rights and co founded NAACP
Susan B. Anthony Fought for 19th Amendment, Women's Suffrage
Booker T. Washington Fought for African American rights encouraged vocational training
Populist Party Common men including farmers, miners and factory workers
Populist Party Platform Unlimited silver (available and will raise crop prices), graduated income tax and direct election of senators
Impact of third parties Legacies (ideas) can live on and split the votes in elections
Election of 1912 Taft- Republican, Roosevelt- Bull Moose, Wilson- Democrat due to 3rd party republicans split the vote and Wilson wins
Federal Reserve Act Regulates the money supply
Clayton Anti- Trust Act and Sherman Anti-Trust Act Role of the government changes from Laissez-Faire and now regulates big business
Interstate Commerce Act Regulates Railroads shipping rates. Helps the farmers
Pendleton Act Make government employment fair, requires civil service exams
Initative Political reform that gives power (voice) to the people. People can put an idea on the ballot and vote on it.
Referendum Political reform that gives power to the people. People can influence the government but politicians put the idea on the ballot and vote on it
Recall Political reform that gives power to the people. Politicians can be removed from office with special election.
Gospel of Wealth Andrew Carnegie donates money to the poor to improve their lives he builds libraries and universities.
Meat Inspection Act After the investigation of Upton Sinclair passed to protect the direct consumers
Pure Food and Drug Act After the investigation of Upton Sinclair passed to protect the direct consumers
Child Labor Laws Passed to keep children safe and prevent abuse
Roosevelt Conservation Roosevelt wanted to conservation national resources
Goals of Progressives Like the Populist, the progressives wanted to improve the general welfare of the people so they created social, political and economic reforms.
Anti-trust Against big business
Social Gospel Helped the poor and in return will have salvation (go to Heaven) Jane Addams believed in Social Gospel
Philanthropist A wealthy person who donates money to help the poor
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