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Where did the iroquois live? in present day New York
what houses did the iroquois have? long houses
how many families lived in a long house? 12 swag families
why was the league of the iroquois formed? to end the fighting between the 5 nations
what are the five nations of the iroquois? CAYUGA, ONONDAGA, SENECA, MOHAWK, ONEIDA
who chose the sachems? the women did
where did the aztecs live? around lake texcoco in central mexico
what was the name of the aztec capital? Tenochtitlan
why was the aztec capital special? because there were causeways that linked the capital to the mainland
what god did the aztecs pay special attention to? they paid special attention to the sun god
what did they do to please the god? sacrificed thousands of captives
where did the incas live? south america
what was the capitol of the incas? cuzco
what was the name of the god the incas worshiped? SAPA INCA
what did they do to please the god? they built temples and palaces decorated with gold ornaments
how did the incas unite their empire? they maintained a system of roads
what did the incas do to get food? they created terraces and farmed on the dry, rugged mountain lands
where did the anasazis live? they lived in the four corners region where colorado, utah, new mexico, and arizona meet.
what did tha anasazis do to get food? what did they eat? they irrigated the land and ate corn, squash, and beans
what were anasazi houses made out of? what were they called? the houses were made out of stone and adobe (sun-dried brick) and were called pueblos
where were the houses located? they were built along steep cliffs (which is why they are also known as cliff dwellers)
where did the mound builders live? from the appalachian mountains to the mississippi valley and from wisconsin to florida
what were the mounds used for? burials and religious ceremonies
what were the best known groups of the mound builders? the hopewells and mississippians
where did the inuits live? they lived in the arctic region of canada
what kind of houses did the inuits have? pit houses
what were the Inuit's clothes made out of? sealskin and caribou fur
how did the inuits get food? they hunted and fished
what did the people of the northwest eat? fish
what did the people of the northwest use to build their houses? why? built houses out of wood from cedar trees because the resources were nearby
what is a potlatch? a ceremonial dinner a family holds to show off its wealth. a potlacth could last for many days, and gifts are given out to the guests. the guests who received gifts are expected to hold their own potlatch and give out gifts too
where did the natchez/cherokees live? the southeastern region of north america
how did the cherokees/natchez get food? they hunted, fished, and farmed along the gulf of mexico
what were the social classes of the cherokees/natchez? great sun little sun nobles honored people stinkards
who were the native americans of the great plains? they were hunters, some groups were the blackfoot, the crow, the mandan, the dakota, the cheyenne, the arapaho, the osage, and the comanche
what did the native americans of the great plains do for food? they farmed; planted corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers. the men would hunt animals on foot and take their families along with them
what type of home did the native americans of the great plains use? why? they had tepees because they needed a house they could take with them when they move to hunt food.
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