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11th Grade Unit 5


The work of what photographer and what journalist led to urban reforms, such as turning over control of local governments to boards of commissioners Jacob Riis, Lincoln Steffens
Which author wrote articles which forced Congress to pass meat, food, and drug inspection acts Upton Sinclair
Which author wrote an expose of oil industry practices which led to stiffer controls over bi business Ida Tarbell
What was the Federal Trade Commission established to do Investigate unfair trade practices
What was the Interstate Commerce Commission established to do Regulate telephone and telegraph systems
What was the purpose of the Federal Reserve System Oversee nationals money and banking systems
What did the Sixteenth Amendment do Created graduated income tax
What did the Seventeenth Amendment do Provided for direct election of senators
Who was the lead founder of the NAACP W. E. B. DuBois
What was the purpose of the NAACP create an organized voice for African-American civil rights
In what year did suffragists see their first victory 1910
What was that victory Wyoming gave women the vote
What did the Nineteenth Amendment do Gave voting rights to all women
What is Taylorism Mechanized industry and provided for a quota system
Summarize the events of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire. Women were burned or crushed when they were unable to exit locked factory doors
What were the three main causes of World War I imperialism, nationalism, militarism
When the war became a stalemate, what did the Germans begin using Mustard gas
What did the British establish Naval blockade
How did the Germans respond Attacks on American shipping providing supplies to allies
What prompted the U., S. Congress to declare war German attacks on American shipping
What is the Espionage Act Forbade speaking or writing against the war
What did the Versailles Peace Treaty create League of Nations
What about the Versailles Peace Treaty eventually lead to World War II Imposed severe economic hardships on Germany
What is the Red Scare American worries about internal communists from Western Europe
When was Prohibition revoked 1933
What international event in 1917 touched off an excited reaction in the United States Bolshevik Revolution
What events in 1911 and 1913 suggest social upheaval and reform Revolution in China and Ghandi’s protest leadership in South Africa
What event in 1929 forms a conclusion to the era Stock Market Crash caused Great Depression
What was the nature of this conclusion Cataclysmic
What was Modernism International literary and art movement
How long did Modernism flourish 1900-1920
How did Modernists express their rejection of the traditional Experimental art forms
Why did many American writers move to Europe after World War I? they were disillusioned with American materialism after WWI
Who were the ”Lost Generation” American expatriate writers
Who were the principal novelists of the expatriate group Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Anderson, Dos Passos
Who were the principle poets of the “Lost Generation” Pound, Eliot, Stein, Lowell, Doolittle
What new qualities did the Lost Generation novelists contribute to fiction Stream of consciousness, new points of view, questioning of traditional values
What two poetic forms were explored experimentally by Modernist poets Haiku, free verse
Why did the Modernists refer to themselves as Imagists They presented precise images rather than emotions
What is a novel A long work of fiction with an involved plot
When did novel s become an accepted literary form 18th century Europe
How does the modern novelist differ from early novelists Rarely set out to teach a moral
What is exposition The introduction which introduces characters and setting and gives background information
What is rising action When plot events develop and intensify conflict
What is climax Highest point of conflict or suspense
What is falling action The events following and caused by the climax
What is resolution The point at which central conflict is ended
What details create setting Details that give a sense of particular time and place of a work
How are details related to mood in fiction They help establish the mood
What is point of view as related to a novel The perspective from which the story is told; the storyteller's perspective
What is narrator in relation to a novel Storyteller
What is tone as related to a novel The emotional attitude toward the reader or the subject in a literary work
What is the theme as related to a novel The central message
What group of writers explored and expressed the values of everyday Americans in the early part of the twentieth century Regionalists
What is misleading about designated a group as Regionalists Their work, although set in a specific region, explores universal themes
Where were most of Willa Cather’s novels and stories set Nebraska
What opposing values did Cather explore in her work Stability of traditional life versus female characters rebelling against traditional roles
In what region are many of Robert Frost’s poems set Rural New England
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