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In what year was Jamestown founded? 1607
Why did Powhatan cut off the Englishes food supply? The english refused to work for their food
Who was the president of Jamestown? Smith was the president of Jamestown. He required the colonists to work and traded with the Algonquins for food. Powhatan cut off the English’s food supply until they started to work. Smith was forced back to England when he was involved in a gunpowder ac
Who introduced the first cash crop? (tobacco) John Rolfe
Raw Material something in its natural state
What were the English focusing on? Finding precious metals
Algonquin Indians Lived in the region and were ruled by the powhatan
Who financed Jamestown The Virginia Company
James Fort James Fort Location: James River Problem: They didn’t go far enough upstream to get away from the salt water. *Marsh: Many disease carrying mosquitoes
Who did John smith marry? Pocahontas
Starving time -Colonists trapped in James Fort due to bad relations with Algonquin. -Low food supply -Disease rate is high -Cold winter -Resort to cannibalism -low food rate because supply boat never comes -1609-10
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