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US History unit 4

what was the three prong attack that brought world war 1 to an end? The Meuse-Argonne Campaign
What countries were the Allied Powers France, Great Britain, America
A Policy of extending control over another country through colonization or conquest. Imperialism
What Officially ended the war between the Allies and Germany? The treaty of versailles
The Germans attempted to capture Paris by attacking France through? Belgium
What act provided for the preservation of national landmarks. The Antiquities
In 1920 the first commercial ____ station, KDKA, went on the air Radio
President Wilson offered ___ points that he believed could foster world peace. Fourteen
Regulation of business, Redistribution of wealth and public welfare were important tenets of ___ Progressivism
Who built and successfully flew the first airplane. The wright Brothers
The Sinking of the passenger ship____ by a German Submarine alarmed American and British citizens Lustiania
A(n) ___ is a lighter-than-air craft with a rigid frame to hold its shape Zeppelin
in 1918 Germany launched the ___ in a final attempt to win World War 1 Spring offensive
Which country was NOT a member of the central Powers? Serbia
Created in 1914, the ___ investigates and stops businesses from using unfair practices. Federal Trade Commission
The ___ Explosion was an act of Germany sabotage that destroyed two million pounds of ammunition Black Tom
What act created banking system to assist commerce and to issue paper currency ? Federal Reserve
What allowed Americans of lesser means to make incremental contributions towards financially supporting the war effort? Thrift Stamps
By Perfecting mass-production techniques, ___ was able to sell his Model T automobile at a price most Americans could afford? Henry Ford
Who sent the first voice message by radio waves? Reginald Fesseden
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