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US History unit 4

After each army began construction well-fortified trenches, World war 1 became a war of? Attrition
The ______ Revolution led to Russia signing a peace treaty favorable towards Germany Bolshevik
A(n) ______ on November 11, 1918, marked the end of fighting during world war 1 Armistice
use of ____ as a weapon was a horrifying innovation of the first world war Poison Gas
A(n) ____ is an informal agreement of owners o work together in order to control an industry or market. Pool
What was an important technological advance during the Progressive Era Electrification
____ of american men for military service was legalized by the selective service act of 1917 Conscription
A legal entity with authority to manage the assets of another is a(n) Trust
The U.S. government created or increased ___ on many items to help pay for war mobilization Taxes
George Westinghouse won the war of currents by encouraging the adoption of ____ current Alternating
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