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3 - Russia

Russia 7th grade

Large region, very cold & has lots of trees - eastern Russia Siberia
Time of tension between the US & Russia, without any actual fighting Cold War
Largest forest in the world, about size of US Taiga
Coal, oil, & natural gas Fossil fuels
Permanently frozen soil Permafrost
Tallest mountain in Russia Elbrus
This sea provides Russia with a warm water route to the Mediterranean for trade Black
River used for trade; most important for shipping Volga
These mountains divide Russia, but are not very tall because of erosion Ural
Capital city of Russia Moscow
Many rivers in Russia flow this direction & freeze north
Russia now claims to have this type of government Democracy
Major religion in Russia Christian
This ocean borders Russia on the north Arctic
able to navigate or travel Navigable
Warmest region with grassland Steppes
Largest climate region in Russia; cold Subarctic
coldest area of Russia; far north Tundra
Largest fresh water lake in the world is in Russia. It is Lake Baikal
Borsch is a favorite meal in Russia. It is like soup
TRUE or FALSE: Women live longer in Russia True
TRUE of FALSE: Russians do not value education False
More people live in the West or the East part of Russia West
Favorite sport in Russia soccer
This disease is a problem in Russia and has led to a lower life expectancy for men cancer
Russians favorite holiday - they decorate trees and give presents New Year
Current leader of Russia is Vladimir Putin
Created by: jillrausch
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