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Unit 5


tariff tax on an imported good; meant to protect domestic industry
Federalists political party that desired strong federal government and tariffs to protect US industry; led by Hamilton
Anti-Federalists (Democratic-Republicans) political party that feared strong federal government; led by Jefferson
BROAD (LOOSE) CONSTRUCTIONISTS believed in broad interpretations of the Constitution in order to expand federal power
STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS believed in narrow interpretations of the Constitution (following Constitution literally) in order to limit federal power
Proclamation of Neutrality (1793) under George Washington, this said the US would not take sides in the French Revolutionary Wars
Jay's Treaty treaty with Great Britain that said Brits would remove troops from NW Territories and wouldn't interfere with US shipping
Pinckney's Treaty treaty with Spain that said Spain would recognize US neutrality, end Spanish claims to Mississippi territory, draw a border with Florida, give the US access to Mississippi River and New Orleans
Battle of Fallen Timbers Ohio River Valley Indians give up claims to Ohio River Valley
Whiskey Rebellion rebellion in western Pennsylvania caused by tax on whiskey; collapsed in face of federal power
XYZ Affair foreign crisis under Adams in which French ministers tried to extort bribe from US officials who were trying to negotiate end to French seizures of US ships
Alien and Sedition Acts under Adams, these laws said "dangerous" foreigners could be deported and that it was illegal to criticize the President
Kentucky and Virginia Resolves laws that nullified the Alien and Sedition Acts in those states
Marbury v. Madison (1803) Supreme Court case during presidency of Jefferson that established the concept of judicial review
John Marshall 1st Chief Justice of Supreme Court whose rulings established judicial review
judicial review concept that states the Supreme Court has the power to declare laws unconstitutional and thus void
Barbary Pirates refers to north Africans who were interfering with American shipping in Mediterranean Sea during presidency of Jefferson
impressment term that refers to British policy of seizing American ships and forcing US sailors to help British fight its enemies
Embargo Act of 1807 passed in response to British impressment of US sailors, it cut off all American trade with foreign nations; it proved disastrous for the US economy
"Mr. Madison's War" derogatory term used to describe the War of 1812
Hartford Convention meeting to discuss the grievances of the New England states during the War of 1812; resulted in demise of Federalist Party
Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 with no major changes in US-British relations except that the Indians south of Canada were abandoned by the British
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