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Where was James Fort located? James River
What type of land did they set up on? They set up in a marsh
What was the Winter of 1608 and 1609 called? The Starving Time
What did people resort to when food supply was low? Cannibalism
Who did John Rolfe marry? Pocahontas
Who made people work for their food in Jamestown? Captain John Smith
Who was the Indian tribe that cut off the Jamestown citizens food supply? The Algonquins
What was a main crop in Jamestown? Tobacco
Great Britain had failed attempts to set up which two? Newfoundland and Roanoke
The first successful colony was? Jamestown, Virginia
What did the English come over to focus on? Precious metals
The Algonquins had a leader named what? Powhatan
Captain John Smith had what accident? Gunpowder accident
What company financed the Jamestown trip? The Virginia Company
John Rolfe did what two major things? He introduced tobacco and married Pocahontas
John Smith was what of Jamestown? President
James fort had what problem? Built on a marsh starving time winter native Americans low food supply resorted to cannibalism
What three countries colonized North America? England, France, and Spain
Why did those three countries colonize North America? Spain was to look for gold and treasure, France was to trade and trap fur with the natives, and England was economic and large amounts of fertile land for agriculture.
Who was John Smith? John Smith was the leader of Jamestown for awhile and made people work, but he got wounded in a gun powder accident that made him go back to England.
Who was John Rolfe? John Rolfe was the mad who introduced tobacco to Jamestown and he also married Pocahontas.
Who were the pilgrims? The pilgrims were the separatists who wanted to cut all ties with the church of England.
What was the Mayflower Compact? The Mayflower Compact was signed by 41 pilgrims and was signed on the Mayflower which was the first written framework government.
Who was Squanto? Squanto was huge for the pilgrims he taught them how to fish showed them were them to fish, and taught them how to use the remains to fertile the land.
What was the Boston Massacre? The Boston Massacre was started on March 5, 1770. The presence of the British was unwelcoming tensions were rising a finally a fight started and that was the started of the American Revolution.
What was the Boston Tea Party? The Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation there were ships bringing tea into the harbor and the colonists had a plan to destroy all the tea because they didn't want to pay taxes on tea anymore so they disguised themselves by dressing up like
indians and they destroyed all of the tea.
What was the First Continental Congress? It was a direct result of the coercive acts. They met in Carpenters Hall in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It encouraged people to boycott British goods, they told militia to be ready to fight, they send a declaration of rights to King George the 3
What was the 2nd Continental Congress? They put George Washington in charge they authorized the printing of money they form a committee to deal with foreign countries, they made an Olive Branch Petition.
What were the three parts of the Declaration of Independence? How you treated us, how we should be treated, and cutting all ties from Great Britain.
What are the three unalienable rights? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
What are the three natural rights? Life, Liberty, and Property
Who won the battle of Lexington and Concord?
When was the Constitutional Convention held? May-September 1787
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place? Philadelphia
Why was the Constitutional Convention held? To talk about the Articles of Confederation and if to rewrite it or not.
What was the Constitutional Convention It was A convention held to talk about rewriting the Articles of Confederation and to talk about a new constitution.
What was the nickname of the Virginia Plan The Large State Plan
What was the nickname of the New Jersey plan? The Small State Plan
What was the type of legislature the Virginia plan proposed? A bicameral meaning two houses The Senate and The house of Representatives
What was the type of Legislature the New Jersey Plan proposed? A unicameral meaning only one house
What was the type of representation Virginia plan proposed? The number of your State population
What was the type of representation the New Jersey Plan proposed? Representation to be equal
Other To give supreme power to the Central government divide government into three branches Executive, Legislative, and Judicial
What went into the Constitution? The Bicameral Legislature Equal and State population and supreme power to the Central Government
Why was the Three-Fifths Compromise needed? So states could count slaves as three fifths of a person and add to their population.
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise The Three-Fifths Compromise was a Compromise that allowed States to count slaves as three fifths of a person to add to their population.
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