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Starving Time was when? was in the winter of 1609-10.
What was the most common cash crop? Tobacco.
What tribe was Powhatan's tribe? The Algonquians.
What were raw materials used for? They were used for making manufactured goods and send them back to England.
How did Pochohantas die? She moved to England and died from a disease.
Who did John Rolfe marry?why? He married Pochohantas to become allies with the native american tribes.
Another Starving time was? In the winter of 1608-09
John Smith did what to the colonists? He made them work in order to eat.
Jaamestown had had problems with? Disease, starving, drought, flooding, and other disasters.
Jamestown was made a settlement when? In 1607 and it was also the first permanent settlement.
The poor people had to do what? They had to collect raw materials.
Who financed Jamestown? The Virginia Company.
Why did John Smith leave Jamestown? He was in a gunpowder accident.
How did people deal with starving? They started to eat eachother because they were locked in the fort because of the native americans.
Jamestown was located where? It was located up the James river in the marshlands.
Great Britain reasons to colonize North America? Abundant resources,also a market for their manufactured goods,and a location to send their poor.
The first colony that Great Britain colonized? Roanoke but it failed.
The English focused on what? precious metals.
John Rolfe did what? He was the first colonist to introduce the first cash crop tobacco.
James fort's location was bad because? They were in the middle of a marshland and the water was still salty because they didn't go far enough up river.
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