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What did America serve to the English? It was a Bulwark against the Spanish, provide raw materials, a place to sell manufactured goods, and a place to put all the poor English people.
When was Jamestown established? It was established in 1607.
Where is Jamestown? In Virginia.
What was the percent chance of you living in Jamestown for the first 5 years? 50%.
What were some of the problems in Jamestown? Some problems where conflict with the indians, disease, and lack of food.
Why was lack of food a problem? The colonists where cut of from the Indians because they weren't trying to take care of themselves at all.
What did Captain John Smith do before coming to Jamestown? Captain John Smith was at the first expedition. He also fought against the Spanish with the Dutch and was taken captive. He later escaped to Russia before going back to England.
What changed when Captain John Smith came to Jamestown? The colonists actually started to take care of themselves.
What incentive did the colonists have to start farming? If they didn't work, they did not eat.
For how long was John Smith the president of the colony? 1608-1609
What was the reason he left the colony? His powder horn exploded.
Who replaced John Smith after he left? John Rolfe.
What did John Rolfe do for Jamestown? Introduced Tobacco.
Raw material is? Something that is natural.
Manufactured goods are? Something man-made.
What where the first two attempts to colonize by England? Newfoundland and Roanoke.
Who did John Smith think save him from execution? Pocahontas.
Who was believed to marry John Rolfe? Pocahontas.
Why was it believed that Pocahontas married John Rolfe? To forge an alliance with England.
What happened to Pocahontas? After marriage, he takes pocahontas to England. She never makes it back to Virginia because of an English sickness.
What was wrong with Jamestown location? They hadn't went far enough upstream so the water was salty. Also, They where near a marsh, so a lot of disease carrying mosquitoes where among them.
What did Jamestown resort too? Cannibalism.
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