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Study for APUSH Exams/Tests/Quizes; Use the "TYPE IN" study setting

Colonies were required to supply Raw Material needed in England.
Ship Building was the only manufacturing effort encouraged in the colonies.
Merchant and Fishing Vessels were used to train Sailors.
Navigation Acts: 1. Goods must be shipped in colonial or English Ships; 2. Ships' crews must by 3/4 English or Colonial.
Certain Exports could only go to England.
Colonies must pay Import Duties, taxes paid on goods shipped to England.
England cancelled the Massachusetts Charter in 1684
The Dominion of New England included the New England Colonies, new York, and New Jersey; provided for a Royal Governor and council appointed by the King.
Andros demanded taxes under his own power, without representation.
Andros Challenged the lawfulness of the Puritan Church.
The reluctance to finance the settling of colonies was the Policy of James I and Charles I.
The Glorious Revolution took place in 1688.
Parliament took the throne of England as a result of the Glorious Revolution.
The colony that remained calm during the Glorious Revolution was Pennsylvania.
The Glorious Revolution lead to a period of peace between the Crown and the Colonies.
The colonists did not want to be ruled by a monarch; led to the formation of self-government.
The rebellions were to help the colonists further their progress into governing themselves.
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