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History Study Tool 2

vocabulary words

Gladiator (130) A person, usually a slave who fought in an arena against animals or other gladiators for the entertainment of the audience.
Senate (128) Primary governing body of the Roman Republic; its members were senators.
Consul (132) Highest-ranking annual Roman official, whose primary duty was to lead the army.
Census (132) Assessment of property carried out by the censors for taxation purposes.
Rule of Law (133) The idea that the law has higher authority than governments and officials.
Basilica (139) A large rectangular public building with a large middle aisle and two side aisles.
Proconsul (141) A senator who in the past held the office of consul and later served as a provincial governor with the power of imperium.
Client King (144) Foreign ruler appointed by and dependent on the Romans.
Denarius (139) Silver coin introduced by the Romans in 212 B.C.E.; it became the standard coin of the Mediterranean world.
Spartacus (144) Thracian slave who led a revolt of slaves against Rome in 73 B.C.E.
Julius Caesar (144) Member of the First Triumvirate who conquered Gaul and seized control of Rome after a civil war.
Deification (146) An act whereby the Senate declared that a deceased Roman was a god.
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