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Middle East History

Middle East - Continuity & Change 2014

Mesopotamia The "land between the rivers"; fertile area in modern-day Iraq
Irrigation Method of providing fresh water to crops and to meet peoples' needs
Civilization An area with culture, structure, jobs, government where cities develop
Empire Dominating an area and acquiring territory to build a strong force in the world
Judaism Monotheistic religion where believers follow the Torah and honor the traditions of Abraham of Moses
Christianity Monotheistic religion where believers follow the lessons of the Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and believe in the resurrection
Islam Religion based upon the teachings of Muhammad; beliefs are found in the Koran/Quran
Shia (Shiite) Sect of Muslims that believe the Islamic leader should be a direct descendant of Muhammad; majority group in Iran and Iraq
Sunni Sect of Muslims that makes up about 85% of Muslims around the world
Zionism Movement that started in Europe for Jews to return to their homeland; the belief that Israel is the homeland for the Jews and they will return there
Palestine Region that includes the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; Arabs are the dominant ethnic group in this area
Balfour Declaration A letter from Britain to support the creation of a Jewish state
United Nations Organization formed after WWII to help maintain peace and to protect human rights for people around the world
State of Israel Area set aside by the United Nations and was officially established as a nation in 1948
Baath Party Political party that took power in Iraq; one of its most famous leaders was Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein Leader of Iraq that invaded Kuwait; was later driven out of power, captured, and executed
Iran Nation that is predominantly Shia Muslim and is guided by Sharia Law
Kuwait Small country that borders the Persian Gulf; it has the world's 2nd largest oil deposit; it was invaded by Iraq in 1990
Persian Gulf War Conflict the United States entered into to free Kuwait of its Iraqi invaders
Middle East Area of the world where the majority of the people are Arabs and most people are Muslim
Arab Spring Movement throughout the Middle East including demonstrations and protests to kick out harsh or unfair government leaders
Democracy Type of government system where citizens have the right to vote for leaders, decision-makers, and policies
Extremists People within a group that have beliefs that are unusually strict, excessive, or intense that are different than the whole group
Sharia Islamic law based upon the Koran; rules about daily life and restrictions and punishments are included
Al Qaeda Terrorist group that was once led by Osama bin Laden; coordinated the 9/11 attacks on the USA; its goal is to destroy the "Western World"
Western World Enemy of Islamic extremists; the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and Israel make up this region; usually Christians and/or Jews
Refugee Person that flees their homeland due to violence or unsafe conditions and searches for a temporary place to live
Taliban Extremist group known for its unequal treatment of the women of Afghanistan and for its ties to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden
Hamas A Palestinian group that calls for Israel's destruction and is considered a terrorist organization by the US
ISIS Extremist group desiring an Islamic State; based in Iraq and Syria; made up mostly of Sunni Muslims
Muhammad Shia and Sunni Muslims disagree about who should become their leader following ___'s death
Fertile Land that is capable of producing crops; usually due to a water source and irrigation
Scarcity Lack of a resource; situation of not having enough of something
Partitioning Dividing up a region; the Ottoman Empire was divided up after WWI
Kurds Large ethnic group whose population was split among 4 countries making them a minority group in all of these countries
Nationalism Pride in one's country or ethnic group; countries are more successful when the people who live there share a common history, culture, and/or religion
Anti-Semitism Discrimination and hatred of the Jewish people
Created by: MrsRidley
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