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Mrs.Marfy Chapter 2 Test

Montezuma Ruler of the Aztec Empire
Pizarro The Conquistador who conquered the Incas
Pope Alexander Divided the world between Spain and Portugal
Conquistador A Spanish conqueror is known as a__________________
Amerigo Vespucci The Italian sailor who had a continent named after him was
South America (Brazil) The Treaty of Tordesillas moved the Line of Demarcation 800 miles to the west so that Potrugal could claim land in
Magellan Who was sailing around the world, but was killed in the Phillippines
Mercantilism An economic system that increases money by creating a favorable balance of trade is called
Balboa the first explorer to see the Pacific Ocean
Spain and Portugal The two countries that agreed to the Treaty of Tordesillas
Giovanni da Verrazzano Italian who explored the Atlantic Coastline for the French
John Cabot Sailed for England, but disappeared on his second voyage
Huguenot French Protestant
Henry Hudson Dutch Explorer whose crew rebelled
Why were the explorers looking for a Northwest passage? They were looking for a direct route to Asia from Europe
Important effects of the defeat of the Spanish Armada 1) Spain could now be beaten; 2) kept England independent and Protestant; 3) it allowed other nations to challenge Spanish claims of land
Champlain founded the fur trading post in Quebec in 1608
New Amsterdam the name of the Dutch town that is now present day New York
St. Augustine The oldest permanent European settlement in the U.S.
Hacienda Spanish estate or plantation
Mission a Spanish town established for religion
Mestizo people of mixed Spanish and Native American decent
Viceroy A person in charge of a vice-royalty who was supposed to manage the land and people for the monarchs of Spain.
Creole the name given to people born to Spanish parents in New Spain
Peru the Southern part of Spain's empire
Slaves were NOT part of the Colombian Exchange
Viceroyalties Spain divided their empire into to provinces called ____________ to govern their empire effectively
Enslaved Native Americans & Enslaved Africans Who did European's turn to to work the mines and farms in the Americas?
Bartolome de las Casas a priest who criticized Spanish treatment of the Native Americans
Jacque Cartier French Explorer who went to present day Montreal
Created by: jzajac