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Humanities Test 1

Age of Exploration

What did Prince Henry do? Not an explorer but an organizer who trained and sent out a vast group of explorers.
What did Gil Eanes do? Having passed Cape Bojador, he found that they could sail around the west coast of Africa
What did Bartholomew Dias do? First person to round the southern tip of Africa later called the Cape of Good Hope.
What did Vasco de Gama do? The first to sail directly from Europe to India around the tip of Africa.
What did Pedro Cabral do? Discovered Brazil after going off track down the African coast.
Which country was the second European country to place a large focus on exploration. Portugal
Which countries were motivated by their rivalry with Italy? Portugal and Spain
Which country explored down the west coast of Africa and then on to India? Portugal
Which country was the first to round the tip of Africa? Portugal
Which country was the first to really use slaves to help their exploration efforts? Portugal
Which country broke the monoply in India between Arabs and Italians? Portugal
Which country focused on the east for trade rather than the Americas? Portugal
Which country explorered South America as the result of going off track? Portugal
What did Vasco de Balboa do? Discovered a land route to the Pacific Ocean in Panama.
What did Ponce de Leon do? Led an exploration into Florida and Mexico. Searched for Fountain of Youth.
What did Cabeza de Vaca do? Charted and mapped North America and befriended many Indians after his ship wrecked.
What did Hernando de Soto do? Explored into North America and was first to cross the Mississippi River.
What did Francisco de Coronado do? Explored North America looking for Seven Cities of Gold and found the Grand Canyon.
Who explored a lot of the New World? Spain and France
Who claimed much of Central and South America? Spain
Who wanted to convert people to Christianity but shifted their focus towards wealth? Spain
Who wanted to find the Seven Cities of Gold and and Fountain of Youth? Spain
Who found a land route to the Pacific Ocean in what is now Panama? Spain
Who destroyed the Aztecs and Incas? Cortez=Aztecs, Pizzaro=Incas, Spain
What did John Cabot do? First Englishmen to claim land for England in the New World (Newfoundland)
What did Sir Walter Raleigh do? Believed strongly in England establishing colonies in the New World. Founded the Roanoke Colony.
What did Sir Francis Drake do? Strongly hated the Spanish, he travled along the western coast of South America stealing gold from Spanish ships.
What did Giovanni de Verrazano do? The story of French exploration starts with Verrazano. He searched for a NW Passage to Asia.
What did Jacques Cartier do? Primary person to claim Canada for France. Claimed Quebec, Montreal, and St. Lawrence River area.
What did Samuel de Champlain do? Explored and mapped parts of what is now NE USA and SE Canada. Claimed lands and established colonies.
What did Jacques Marquette do? A priest who ministered to the natives in N.A. Explored the Mississippi River Valley with Joliet.
What did Louis Joliet do? Explored the Mississippi River Valley with Marquette.
Who was the last of the four contries to explore heavily? France
Who wanted to find a NW Passage to Asia? France
Who befriended the natives and focused on making them Chrsitian? France
Who focused mainly on the Canadian portion of North America? France
Who was the first well-known explorer born in the New World? Louis Joliet (France)
How is India important? The land route to India was blocked by the Arabs, so the Portuguese tried to go around the Cape of Africa to get to India. India was very famous for its spices.
How was the New World/Terra Incognita important? Nobody knew what was in the Terra Incognita. People wanted to know, so they explored it and they found the Americas.
How were the Seven Cities of Gold important? Without that myth, the Spanish would not have kept exploring.
How was Canada important? The French explored and claimed most of this land. It was very vast with fur trade, and that was one of the main motivations of the French.
Where is the Cape of Good Hope? The southern tip of Africa
Where is Cape Bojador? Halfway down the African western coast.
Where is the Strait of Magellan and how is it important? It is at the southern tip of South America. It is important, because that was how Magellan made it to the Spice Islands wihtout having to go through land.
How were country rivals important? Country rivals were important.The main reason why exploration started was becasue Spain and Portugal wanted to be better then the other person and Italy. Then France and English became rivals with Spain, starting their exploration.
Who were the Aztecs and how were they important? The Aztecs lived in what is now Mexico. They were important, because they were a very vast nation. Also, Hernando Cortes with only a few people were able to conquere them in just 2 years.
How was gold important? Gold was important, because that was Spain's main motivation. When they figured out that the Incas and Aztecs had an abundant amount of gold and did not really care about they were jealous and gready. They wanted that gold for themselves.
How was slavery important? Slavery was important, because that is what Colombus first thought when he land in the Caribbeans. "These people will make nice slaves." Also the Portuguese used many slaves to help explore.
Who were the Incas and how were they important? The Incas live in NW South America. They are important, because although they were a vast empire they were taken down my less then 500 men. (Francisco Pizarro)
What is a monopoly and how is it important? A monopoly is when a person or group of people has full control of a product or land. This is important because, the Portuguese broke the Indian monopoly from the Arabs.
What is a colony and how is it important? A colony is a group of people formed to make a community in a unhabitated land. For example, the French made a colony in Quebec, and the English created a colony in Newfoundland.
What types of things encouraged global exploration to happen during the Age of Exploration? First of all, since Italy started many other countries wanted to be better then Italy. Also, curiosity and greed encouraged people to decide to explore. For example, the Spanish and their gold. Thirdly, technology was developing.
Name some positive and negative effects on explorers exploring. First of all, the explorers got to learn about different cultures and find new foods and spices. Also, the explorers were able to expand their nation. Unfortunately, the explorers also had to take risks, such as turmoil with Native Americans causing death
Name some positive and negative effects on Natives from the explorers exploring. First of all, the Natives were introduced to Christianity. Unfortuantly, many of the them died because of the explorers cruelty. Lastly, the Natives culture and nation was destroyed.
The Age of Exploration helped pave the way for how the world is today. Discuss some examples of these influences as wells as how the world might have been radically altered if things happened differently. First of all, if Colombus never sailed the Ocean Blue in 1942, the no other country would want to explore over there. This would lead to no America, no Canada, and all the other countries in the Americas. Also, the Incas and the Aztecs would not have died
Though our planet has mostly been explored, oppurtunities for exploration beyond our planet are vas and open as it was during the Age of Exploration. Discuss similarities and differences you feel will exist as we continue space exploration. I think that we might find other inhabitable planets, but I do not believe that we will find aliens, because in Genesis their is no account of God ever creating aliens. This might mean, that we will be able to live on other planets.
Created by: kaylee72sommers
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