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Social studies

Petroleum oily,flammable liquid used in making kerosene,
patent document giving inventors the right to make and sell a product
business cycle a pattern of good and bad days
trust a legal body to hold stock in many companies
Bessemer steel process technique that produced steel more cheaply
gilded age time of tremendous wealth
centennial exposition the celebration of Americas 100th birthady
Haymarket affair a conflict between police and union members in Chicago
standard time system that divided the country into 4 different time zones
monopoly a company that has stole control of the industry
Thomas Edison he invented the practical light bulb
Alexander g. Bell developed the first telaphone
Andrew Carnegie leader of steel industry
John d. Rockfeller leader of oil industry
Samuel Gompers U.S. labor leader
robber baron became wealthy through dishonest ways
knights of labor allowed woman And African-Americans as members
philanthropist a person who donates money to charity
AFL used negotiated ways to solve problems
sweatshop workers experience hard labor and little pay
transcontinental railroad a railroad that crodses the entire continent
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