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Section 1 8th grade

chapter 15 section 1

Note main idea after the mexican american war america got 500,oo acers of land causeing tention about slavery in new land
Popular sovereignty the idea that politcal power belongs to the people
Note Popular sovereignty was a idea on fixing the problum with the new land
Note some northerners wanted to outlaw slavery in all parts of the mexican cession
Wilmont Proviso was a document that stated no slavery in mexican cession it was passed by northen controulled house but nout be th southern majority of the senate
Sectionlism the favering the interests of one setion or region the then intirests of the entire country
Note to atract voters democrates and the whig party did not take a clear positon of slavery in the presidentel campigen of 1848
Note in responce antslavery northeners formed a new party the Free Soil Party
Free Soil Party a party that supportede wilmot Proviso
Note "The California Question" the californa gold rush caused rapid populaiton growth that cailfornia applied to join the union as a state instead of as a territory but is still geting desputed over for a free or not slave state
Note most californens oppsed slavery
Note "Compromise of 1850" Senter Henry Clay made a compromise so that both sides could get they want from claiforina
Compromise of 1850 by this compormise califronia was able to be admmited as a free state
Note the rest of the mexican sessin was turn into two states utah and new mexico and popular sovernigty would chose if they hade slavery or not
Fugitave Slave Act a act that made it a crime to help runaway slaves and allowed officals to areast those slaves in free areas
Note Fugitave Slave Act made it hard for slaves to defend them selves in court agienst a testominy from a slaveholder
Note Fugitave Slave Act made many peopele angrey >:
Note peace was used alot to protest agseinst the Fugitave Slave Act but not always
Anthony Burns a virginia fugitive slave, was aressted in boston abolititionists used force to rescuehim from jail and ended up killeing a deupty marshel
Note antslavery believers started to wright anntyslavery literature
Harriet Beecher Stowe the wrighter of uncle tom's cabin who spoke out about antslavery
Created by: nickodo1