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Ch. 4

Life in the Colonies

The Magna Carta guaranteed the right to trial by.....? Jury
The Zenger case helped establish the freedom of what? Freedom of the Press
The protection against unlawful arrest and detention is called what? habeas corpus
What do you call a group of people that have the power to make laws? legislature
The Navigation Acts were passed to support what economic policy? Mercantilism
What three groups of colonial people were not allowed to vote? Women, Native Americans, and Africans (free or enslaved)
Boys who would learn a trade from an experienced worker were called what? Apprentice
Name given to the upper class of colonial society... Gentry
If you had signed a contract to work for someone who had paid for your trip to America, you were called a what? indentured servant
These laws restricted the rights and activities of enslaved persons, what were they called? slave codes
this is the belief that some races of people are inferior to others.... racism
What was the commerce trading route between the colonies, the West Indies, and Africa called? Triangular Trade Route
What was the voyage called that brought enslaved Africans to the English colonies? The Middle Passage
This language was spoken by many enslaved Africans on plantations in the Carolinas, it is still spoken in these areas today....what is it called? Gullah
How did the colonists get around the Navigation Acts? Smuggling
During colonial times, who generally would be in charge of taking care of the children? Women
What percent of Africans would die on the Middle Passage journey to the Americas? 15-20%
The Magna Carta was the first document used to do what to the monarchy? limit its power
Montesquieu, an Enlightenment thinker, contributed what idea to how government should be practiced? idea of separation of powers
A Christian revival that swept the colonies during the 1730's and 40's was called what? The Great Awakening
Who was Phillis Wheatley? A colonial poet
Who published the Pennsylvania Gazette? Ben Franklin
What movement led to the rise of many new churches in the colonies? The great Awakening
Who said that all people are endowed with unalienable rights, which consisted of life, liberty, and the right to own property? John Locke
During colonial times, who, by law, was in charge of the families money, property, and public representation? male head of household
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