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Unit 2 Review Saul

From what part of Africa did many rice planters want to buy their slaves? West Africa
What two cash crops were important to the colony of Carolina during the early 1700s? Rice and Indigo
What is a subsidy? Money issued from the government to grow a crop
What is the enumerated list? Items that can only be sold to England
What is the slave culture that was the combination of English and African languages? Gullah
During the Stono Rebellion, what country was trying to provoke the rebellion? Spanish
During the Stono Rebellion, to what location where the slaves trying to escape? St. Augustine
How did the Stono Rebellion change the colony of Carolina? Created Slave Codes
Why was the colony of Carolina a good place for agriculture? Fertile soils, long growing season, mild climate
What was known as “Carolina Gold”? Rice
Mercantilism Exporting more than you import
Eliza Lucas Pinckney experimented with what crop? Indigo
List the 3 main reasons why the colony of Carolina did not want to be under the rule of the Lords Proprietors. Spanish, Pirates, and Native Americans
Middle Passage Route from Africa to the Americas for enslaved Africans
Triangular Trade English trade finished goods and travel to Africa where they pick up and trade for slaves. After picking up slaves, they travel to the Americas and trade slaves for raw materials. After trading for raw materials, they travel back to England
List the 3 items SC grew rich off of Indigo, Rice, and trade with indians
The majority of slaves were classified as Field hands
African Slaves were knowledgeable about ___________ Agriculture/farming
Indigo plants produce _______________ Dye
Who gave the 8 Lords Proprietors land Charles II
After the Yemassee War, what happened to the Yemassee Indians? Moved to Spanish Florida
What was a major cause of the Yemassee War? English moving onto Native American land
What is a Proprietary Colony A colony that is ruled by the Lords Proprietors
Created by: sauljr20
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