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Us history

Early Americans to Columbian Exchange

Where did the early Americans settle in the years 11,000bc? What were 2 of their groups named? They settled in SA and they included the Aztecs and the Mayans.
Where did the early Americans settle in years 10,000bc? Did they stay in one place or where they nomadic? They settled in NA and they were nomadic.
When did small cultural groups form and when did they become Native American tribes? Small groups formed in 3000-1500bc and tribes formed in 1500 bc.
Where did the Vikings settle in 12,000bc? They settled in Southern Canada.
Who were the first Americans? Asian Hunters
Where Di the first Americans come from? Asia
Why did the first Americans come? They were following their food.
How did the first Americans get here? They crossed the Beringia land bridge.
What had the biggest influence on the cultures of the early Americans? The climate and geography.
Why were most native tribes by water? For trade, fertile ground, water, food, travel and protection.
Why were the native tribes different the early Europeans? Because the were separated by the the ocean and had no cultural diffusion.
What native region would you live in and why? Easter woodlands because of there settlements and way of life. Long houses, hunters, gatherers, good water sources, and aloud women to vote for their chief.
Charter Official document that gives certain rights to an individual or a group.
Colombian Exchange A transfer of people, products, and ideas between the hemispheres.
Mercantilism Economic policy that held that a nation prospered by exporting more goods for foreign nations than it imported form them. Colony to mother country.
Asian Hunters They were hunters from Asia that crossed the Beringia land bridge that later became native Americans.
Culture Way of life.
Feudalism System in which a ruler grants part of his land to lords in exchange for military services and financial assistance.
Circumnavigate To travel all the way around the earth.
Beringia Land Bridge A land bridge that connected Russia and NA together in 10,000bc and further.
Expanding horizons and interests. After Rome falls the small powers like France and England grow curious about the rest of the world.
Growth of trade. Trade routes and ports begin to come up and people began to trade with countries like China.
Growth of ideas. Trade brought new ideas with it came cultural diffusion.
The Renaissance. A time when great technology was forming to get across the ocean.
Development of powerful nations. Spain, England, France all look to getting more power and wealth from trade.
Development of technology: maps and ships. New development like navigation tools led to bigger and longer voyages they made it to the Americas.
Christopher Columbus Central America area, was funded by Spain, and did think he was in Asia.
Vespucci First to realize they found new land and had the land named after him "Amerigo".
Magellan Circumnavigated the world.
Why did European countries come exploring North America? To find a trade route to Asia and for 3 g's.
What European countries tried to stake a claim in NA? England, Spain, Portugal, France, holland, and Russia.
How are the countries different when colonizing the new world? Spain= got riches through conquest France= got riches through trade and kindness England= got riches then came for religious anadromous later lived in peace with the natives
What kind of interaction did these European countries have with the Native Americans? Spain= enslaved millions! stole their wealth, conquered their land, destroyed their culture and repeated the Spanish Inquisition. France= respected natives and learned from them England= made treaties then broke that (repeat).
How was the Columbian exchange positive and negative? Positive= brought new food, animals, technology Negative= disease, enslavement! land taken away, slow death of culture.
Describe a Native American group that you would live with. Great Plains= 2 different climates, to ways to get food, houses (longhouses and teepees), these groups included the Osage.
Created by: Ilovefigment