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Am.History ch 7

Am.History ch 7 - Christ in the Americas Textbook

A newspaper called the ___ ____ was secretly printed in New England in the year_____ Constitutional Courant; 1765
What was the motto of the snake cut into 8 parts? Join or die
In the year 1765, the British Parliament passed the ___ ___ Stamp Act
Why did Parliament want the Stamp tax? to pay off the debts accumulated during the long war with the French.
Taxes on goods shipped out of the colonies were called? Tariffs
The Colonies had governed themselves and levied their own taxes for almost ___ years. 150
Also in 1765 the Mass. House of Reps. proposed a ___________ Stamp Act Congress
______was so dependent on Great Britain that the Stamp Act aroused no outcry there. Nova Scotia
The Stamp Act was stupid because it struck out mostly at what groups of people? Lawyers and newspaper publishers
How did Parliament received the petitions of the Stamp Act Congress? They refused even to accept and debate the petitions.
What happened to the Stamp Act? It was repealed in 1766, one year later.
What did 'No taxation without representation" mean? Colonists wanted laws made and taxes levied for Americans ONLY by Americans.
Who led the Sons of Liberty? Samuel Adams
What were the Sons of Liberty originally called? Loyal Nine
A lawyer cousin of Sam Adams from Braintree, Mass. John Adams
In 1767 Parliament passed the ___ ____ Townshend Acts
What did the Townshend Acts do? Levy taxes on glass, lead painters' colors, tea and paper imported into the colonies.
What did Britain do when they saw the Townshend Acts were so hated? sent troops to Boston to assert England's authority
Those who supported England in the colonies were called the ___ loyalists
Those who opposed British troops in the colonies were called... Patriots
What happened to the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre and who was their lawyer? 1)The captain and 6 soldiers were acquitted and 2 were guilty of manslaughter only. 2) John Adams
In ____Parliament repealed all the Townshend Acts except for the one on ______ 1) 1770 2) tea
What happened in Boston on the night of Dec. 16, 1773? Boston Tea Party
In retaliation to the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed these 3 acts ____ ___ ___ 1)Boston Port Bill to close their port 2)the Mass. Govt. Act took away most of the Mass. house of reps' power 3) the Quartering Act to put troops in private homes
Colonists called the 3 acts of Parliament after the Tea Party the ___ ___ Intolerable Acts
What did the Quebec Act do? Allowed freedom of religion to French Canadian Catholics AND extended the boundaries of Quebec down into the American claimed lands in the sou
How did Americans react to the Quebec Act? with more anti-Catholicism. They feared the Catholic Church would take over America if they had freedom of religion.
When their House of Reps had been shut down, what did Mass. do? Sent 5 reps to the First Continental Congress at Philadelphia
What did the first Continental Congress do? They mainly agreed not to import or use any British articles until the Intolerable Acts were repealed.
Who were radicals and who were conservatives? Radicals wanted to break away and form separate governments and arm , while Conservatives wanted compromise and to work things out with England.
What happened in April, 1775 between the British troops and the Patriots? Paul Revere's ride...the battles of Lexington and Concord... the seige of Boston by the Mass. militia.
What happened at the second Continental Congress in 1775? They agreed on conducting a war with Britain and appointed Washington commander-in-chief.
Who was "Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne? Playwright turned General, who commanded the British troops in Boston when they took Breed's hill (incorrectly called Bunker Hill)
Who said "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes?" American Captain Israel Putnam on Breed's Hill.
Who won at Breed's Hill? The British but it was a costly victory.
Who was Benedict Arnold? American General who attacked Quebec, but was wounded and the attack failed--the first great American military disaster of the war.
Who captured Fort Ticonderoga in upstate N.Y.? American Ethan Allen of Vermont.
What did Henry Knox do? Brought powder and weapons to Boston
_____settlers were fishermen, farmers, and shop keepers. ____settlers were plantation owners. Massachusettes Virginia
Mass. and Virginia had one important characteristic in common.... They were the 2 leading colonies in the drive for independence.
John Adams was to Mass. as ____ and ____ were to Virginia Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry
Though anti=Catholic, he was a firm believer in Divine Providence... John Adams
A Deist, he denied the divinity of Jesus and believed that God didn't take any interest in the world He had created. Thomas Jefferson
Who said "give me liberty or give me death"? Patrick Henry
How did the conflict between the Americans and the British in Boston end? The British left and never returned for the rest of the war.
Adams said that liberty would be guaranteed if men were _____ virtuous.
Jefferson said that virtue would be guaranteed if men were ____ Free...this hasn't been the case. Look at the USA nowadays.
Except for their views on ____Adams and Jefferson were very different. INdependence
A third key figure at the Continental Congress was a delegate from Maryland named.... Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Why did Charles Carroll support American INdependence? 1) to hopefully get a new govt that would allow rights to Catholics that the British forbid. 2) because he knew the rightful king James II had been wrongfully removed by Parliament, which set up the Protestant William of Orange, who persecuted Catholics.
Who was the 'second citizen' of the Maryland Gazette and what did he defend? Daniel Dulaney; the new tax laws of the governor.
Who was the "first citizen" who debated Dulaney? Charles Carroll
When Dulaney couldn't beat Carroll in the Gazette letters, he resorted to... attacking Carroll, himself, as being a Catholic and therefore not allowed to speak on issues.
Thanks largely to Carroll's First citizen letters what happened in Maryland within 3 years? Anti-Catholic laws were wiped from the books because of their obvious injustice
Who was sent to Quebec to try and persuade the Canadians to join with the Colonists? Charles Carroll, John Carroll (cousin), Ben Franklin and Samuel Chase.
Did the colonists persuade the French in Quebec to join them in independence? no, they remembered how anti-Catholic the Continental Congress has shown itself when protesting the Quebec Act.
Who did Charles Carroll become great friends with? (a Deist) Ben Franklin
In 1776 the Continental Congress appointed a committee to draft a ______ declaration of Independence
Who were 3 important men on the committee to draft the Dec. of Ind.? Adams, Franklin and Jefferson.
Who was chosen to write the dec. of Ind.? Jefferson
The Continental Congress voted to change Jefferson's last paragraph to add the phrase... "with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence"
Who was the last surviving signer of the Dec. of Ind.? Charles Carroll at age 96---the only Catholic
When dying, what did Carroll say was his greatest satisfaction in life? "That I have practiced the duties of my religion"
summarize "liberalism" in politics... 1)rejects moral absolutes and authority, especially religious authority 2) usually opposed to hereditary monarchy 3)men should be free in moral matters, 4)Political authority comes from the people;5) THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY RULES, and can overthrow govt,
In truth all authority comes, not from the people, but from.... God
If authority is not in harmony with God's law it is not.... legitimate
Who originally formulated "liberalism" in politics? French philosophers---atheists, agnostics, deists, where it was widely accepted in the 18th century.
Liberalism was a long-term outgrowth of the ___ Protestant Revolt, which rejected the Church's authority and said the individual conscience was supreme over what was Truth.
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